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Mandrel Definition

Other Mandrel Definition

[n] any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts

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arbor, mandril, spindle

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drive, rotating shaft, shaft

Misc. Definitions

\Man"drel\, n. [F. mandrin, prob. through (assumed) LL. mamphurinum, fr. L. mamphur a bow drill.] (Mach.) (a) A bar of metal inserted in the work to shape it, or to hold it, as in a lathe, during the process of manufacture; an arbor. (b) The live spindle of a turning lathe; the revolving arbor of a circular saw. It is usually driven by a pulley. [Written also {manderil}.] {Mandrel lathe}, a lathe with a stout spindle, adapted esp. for chucking, as for forming hollow articles by turning or spinning.

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