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Mammoth Definition

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[n] any of numerous extinct elephants widely distributed in the Pleistocene; extremely large with hairy coats and long upcurved tusks
[adj] so exceedingly large or extensive as to suggest a giant or mammoth; "a gigantic redwood"; "gigantic disappointment"; "a mammoth ship"; "a mammoth multinational corporation"

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big, gigantic, large

Misc. Definitions

\Mam"moth\, n. [Russ. m[^a]mont, m['a]mant, fr. Tartar mamma the earth. Certain Tartar races, the Tungooses and Yakoots, believed that the mammoth worked its way in the earth like a mole.] (Zo["o]l.) An extinct, hairy, maned elephant ({Elephas primigenius}), of enormous size, remains of which are found in the northern parts of both continents. The last of the race, in Europe, were coeval with prehistoric man. Note: Several specimens have been found in Siberia preserved entire, with the flesh and hair remaining. They were imbedded in the ice cliffs at a remote period, and became exposed by the melting of the ice.
\Mam"moth\, a. Resembling the mammoth in size; very large; gigantic; as, a mammoth ox.

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