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Mallow Definition

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[n] any of various plants of the family Malvaceae

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\Mal"low\, Mallows \Mal"lows\, n. [OE. malwe, AS. mealwe, fr. L. malva, akin to Gr. mala`chh; cf. mala`ssein to soften, malako`s soft. Named either from its softening or relaxing properties, or from its soft downy leaves. Cf. {Mauve}, {Malachite}.] (Bot.) A genus of plants ({Malva}) having mucilaginous qualities. See {Malvaceous}. Note: The flowers of the common mallow ({M. sylvestris}) are used in medicine. The dwarf mallow ({M. rotundifolia}) is a common weed, and its flattened, dick-shaped fruits are called cheeses by children. Tree mallow ({M. Mauritiana} and {Lavatera arborea}), musk mallow ({M. moschata}), rose mallow or hollyhock, and curled mallow ({M. crispa}), are less commonly seen. {Indian mallow}. See {Abutilon}. {Jew's mallow}, a plant ({Corchorus olitorius}) used as a pot herb by the Jews of Egypt and Syria. {Marsh mallow}. See under {Marsh}.

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