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Jingle Definition

Short, simple piece of rhyming verse e.g. nursery rhymes or adverts such as: 'Mr Kipling makes exceedingly good cakes'.

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Other Jingle Definition

[n] a comic verse of irregular measure; "he had heard some silly doggerel that kept running through his mind"
[n] a metallic sound; "the jingle of coins"; "the jangle of spurs"
[v] as of metallic objects; "The keys were jingling in his pocket"

Misc. Definitions

\Jin"gle\, v. i. [OE. gingelen, ginglen; prob. akin to E. chink; cf. also E. jangle.]
1. To sound with a fine, sharp, rattling, clinking, or tinkling sound; as, sleigh bells jingle. [Written also {gingle}.]
2. To rhyme or sound with a jingling effect. ``Jingling street ballads.'' --Macaulay.
\Jin"gle\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Jingled}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Jingling}.] To cause to give a sharp metallic sound as a little bell, or as coins shaken together; to tinkle. The bells she jingled, and the whistle blew. -- Pope.
\Jin"gle\, n.
1. A rattling, clinking, or tinkling sound, as of little bells or pieces of metal.
2. That which makes a jingling sound, as a rattle. If you plant where savages are, do not only entertain them with trifles and jingles,but use them justly. -- Bacon.
3. A correspondence of sound in rhymes, especially when the verse has little merit; hence, the verse itself.`` The least jingle of verse.'' --Guardian. {Jingle shell}. See {Gold shell} (b), under {Gold}.

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