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Hatchet Definition

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Other Hatchet Definition

[n] short ax used to chop wood
[n] weapon consisting of a fighting ax; used by North American indians



Misc. Definitions

\Hatch"et\, n. [F. hachette, dim. of hache ?. See 1st {Hatch}, {Hash}.]
1. A small ax with a short handle, to be used with one hand.
2. Specifically, a tomahawk. Buried was the bloody hatchet. --Longfellow. {Hatchet face}, a thin, sharp face, like the edge of a hatchet; hence: {Hatchet-faced}, sharp-visaged. --Dryden. {To bury the hatchet}, to make peace or become reconciled. {To take up the hatchet}, to make or declare war. The last two phrases are derived from the practice of the American Indians.

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