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Gnostic Definition

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Other Gnostic Definition

[n] an advocate of gnosticism
[adj] possessing intellectual or esoteric knowledge of spiritual things
[adj] of or relating to Gnosticism; "Gnostic writings"


agnostic, agnostical

Misc. Definitions

\Gnos"tic\, a.
1. Knowing; wise; shrewd. [Old Slang] I said you were a gnostic fellow. --Sir W. Scott.
2. (Eccl. Hist.) Of or pertaining to Gnosticism or its adherents; as, the Gnostic heresy.
\Gnos"tic\, n. [L. gnosticus, Gr. ? good at knowing, sagacious; as a n., man that claims to have a deeper wisdom, fr. gignw`skein to know: cf. F. gnostique. See {Know}.] (Eccl. Hist.) One of the so-called philosophers in the first ages of Christianity, who claimed a true philosophical interpretation of the Christian religion. Their system combined Oriental theology and Greek philosophy with the doctrines of Christianity. They held that all natures, intelligible, intellectual, and material, are derived from the Deity by successive emanations, which they called Eons.

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