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Document Definition

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Other Document Definition

[n] anything serving as a representation of a person's thinking by means of symbolic marks
[n] writing that provides information (especially information of an official nature)
[n] (computer science) a computer file that contains text (and possibly formatting instructions) using 7-bit ASCII characters
[n] a written account of ownership or obligation
[v] record in detail; "The parents documented every step of their child's development"
[v] support with evidence; "Can you document your claims?"

Misc. Definitions

\Doc"u*ment\, n. [LL. documentum, fr. docere to teach: cf. F. document. See {Docile}.]
1. That which is taught or authoritatively set forth; precept; instruction; dogma. [Obs.] Learners should not be too much crowded with a heap or multitude of documents or ideas at one time. -- I. Watts.
2. An example for instruction or warning. [Obs.] They were forth with stoned to death, as a document to others. -- Sir W. Raleigh.
3. An original or official paper relied upon as the basis, proof, or support of anything else; -- in its most extended sense, including any writing, book, or other instrument conveying information in the case; any material substance on which the thoughts of men are represented by any species of conventional mark or symbol. Saint Luke . . . collected them from such documents and testimonies as he . . . judged to be authentic. --Paley.
\Doc"u*ment\, v. t.
1. To teach; to school. [Obs.] I am finely documented by my own daughter. -- Dryden.
2. To furnish with documents or papers necessary to establish facts or give information; as, a a ship should be documented according to the directions of law.

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