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Abbot Definition

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[n] the superior of an abbey of monks

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abbe, superior

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\Ab"bot\, n. [AS. abbod, abbad, L. abbas, abbatis, Gr. 'abba^s, fr. Syriac abb[=a] father. Cf. {Abba}, {Abb['e]}.]
1. The superior or head of an abbey.
2. One of a class of bishops whose sees were formerly abbeys. --Encyc. Brit. {Abbot of the people}. a title formerly given to one of the chief magistrates in Genoa. {Abbot of Misrule} (or {Lord of Misrule}), in medi[ae]val times, the master of revels, as at Christmas; in Scotland called the {Abbot of Unreason}. --Encyc. Brit.

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