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When Did Writting Become A Childs Game?

by John Patrick Robbins AKA Gonzo
In these days of movie stars and the constant worship of false images.
The true writer has fallen down the ladder abit it's easy enough for anyone to see.
The hard drinking legends of the past have been pushed aside for talentless 
teen idols and half witted teen drivel.

And in this darkest of times when has writting become childs play so to speak?
Ive scattred my work across the the net and had it put in print for better or for worse in small nose bleed books that barley see the light of day.

And never once did i consider what i did easy.
Anyone can take up space on a website. 
Make friends and create social groups as if we were in highschool.

And just because your read and smoke is blown up your butt
do you honestly belive you have the right to call yourself a writer?
It's work not how many friends you have on Facebook.
Ive been in this game awhile ive earned my respect from my skill not how many comments I leave.
Sites are a great way to share ideas and get feedback but it's far from the true system of the writting world where rejection is a all to often harsh truth.

Im  not saying these things to speak down to young writers but give them a reality check.
A true writer like the greats is a rare thing and often it's a path met
with hardships but if your a true writer it's not a choice it's who you are.

To put words to paper is far from easy and as a great writer once said.
Anyone can be a writer.
But few people can be a great writer. 

If that is what you yern to be then I wish you well.
Writers are born not created it's a gift  and thoose who understand
it and have this gift should be treated with respect.

Course in these days it's so easy to gain attention but attention
is far from talent.