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'What writing Poetry means to me'

by Shirley Long
Writing poetry to me is like expressing your true feelings.  I write what I feel.
Poetry is to me coming from your soul, it is a feeling that has to be expressed and
the pen and paper sometimes is the only way to really put it out there. When I
start to write it as if the words just begin to flow from my heart and soul, I began
to write about the things that are affecting me at the time or the moment.
It does not matter if it is good or bad, I have to express the way I am feeling
about the situation. It as if my soul is crying out to me this is how it is, this is it,
I feel like this or this is not the way something or someone is suppose to be.

This is how this situation is affecting me right now, it is either with me or against
me at the time I am writing. I feel like it must be heard someone must hear what
I am trying to say or is going through. My life take so many different turns,
sometimes life seems to in my favor and then again I write when it is not in my
favor. My poetry lets me express my true feelings, whether I am sad or blue,
happy, or lonely.  Poetry is "Magic", to me. It takes you places you have never
been before, you are constantly exploring different phases of your writing ability,
it's high point, and it's low points, it all in writing poetry to me.
It is like a fairy-tale, that I need to reveal, and when I write my poetry the whole
story comes to life, to reality, it is out there for everyone to hear.
This is what writing poetry means to me.