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The Reason I Write Poetry And My Writing Style Part II

by Louis Borgo

Poetry is a craft that pursue the interest of moral reasoning. Within, language can we captivate a imagine that cattle from the inspiration of the human spirit. And I ask again from within a form of one of my poems, Moon Said To The Sun, what is being?  To separation action from movement is to cease existing.  But to captivate applause that is to have the courage to speak. And with poetry it gave me a voice and tone. This is the reason I write poetry and my writing style.

As a poet it is only common curiosity to do research on some of the poets that came to form poetry. Such as Shakespeare, and usually when you speak of poetry it is rare that you don’t associate one without the other. And what I found to be is Shakespeare introduce somewhere from a hundred to a thousand poems with in the Oxford Dictionary. And what I came to understand and ask as is how do you associate a generation to a generation? And I start it to think even though I was not born in the 70’s the clinches that care over in a way that define their generation. And with my style of written to the titles to the most catchy phrase is a clinch. For an example I’m In Love With Love With The Idea Of Being In Love . To Insult My Intelligence Is To Insult Your Intrigue Why Must You Feel So Inferior. As a read you might not be able to get the full picture and less it was explain but some time saying less is saying more. Take the titles She Know and Walk With Me just from the titles you could tell that it was about love, and or a relationship. The reason I used clinches is to quickly draw in the read and their attention. And this lead to the question what is a poet and is the poet still need it today society? And as I was told by a professor the way we talk in history has been change to the way we write and the way we speak is usually the way we write and as we look at the time of Shakespeare to know grammar has evolve. So with in the question one can say a poet has had an effort on history.  And this is my writing style and the reason I write poetry.

As being a poet I have been a writer for about eight years and what I have learn as a poet you never stop learning and you pull inspiration from every walk of life. And when I was told that a lot of people could relate to my poetry and to keep written. I took the positive criticism and ran with it and it help me evolve not just personality but as a poet as well. Looking back at maybe the last few months and even the last 15 poems the tone and mood and attitude has somewhat blossom. Because of the feedback I receive. And I would like to think as a poet, no poet stop’s learning but evolves. This is the reason I write poetry and my writing style.

And as a poet, I have also learn there will be some bumps and curves in the road but sometime those error are what make you standout individuality from the crowd. And as a poet I have multiple learning disabilities but the stories and ideas I have are so creative it goes back to the feedback and sometime amazement of how many people can related to my poems. So I rewrite three to four times just to get a rough draft right. I have had poems I have worked on for a year and half just to get a twelve to thirteen line poem perfect.  And thinking about clichés and the meaning of the cliché To Insult My Intelligence Is To Insult Your Intrigue why Must You Feel So Inferior.  Let me ask a question, if we all had the same style, the same taste of music, same hair style how would anyone be acceptation for their individuality and creativity would it even be need for names?  And I think the endeavors we have in the world is what makes us want to understand each other more and in a positive light and as well want chance. So it goes back to my original question is the poet still need it in today society? If it is not for languages then how do we found the words for a speech?  We interrupted as we know fits the reason I used clichés. This is the reason I write poetry and my writing style.



And as I was once told those who have the most endeavor’s sometime in life have a story worth telling.

Book: Reflection on the Important Things