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Tapping Into Creativity, For Logical Types

by Donovan Willis

I starting writing about four years ago. I was studying a chemistry and mathematics course at university, a very much non-literate oriented field of study. Ruled by logic, I set out to write. It was difficult as the writing came out primitive and it was difficult to read and understand it myself. Very much enthusiastic about the matter, I continued in my hyper-graphic state to produce what I considered “art”. The first year was the hardest but I told myself everyday, to write a little everyday: a thought, a poem, a quote or anything. The first step was to open the channel for the creative process to take place and as my good friend has told me ‘consistency is fashion’. I never thought about syntax or what was considered good form, but rather the act of writing was most important. I shared my writing with nobody, until this day, I still haven’t shared those early works. My next objective after opening the channel for creativity, was to build confidence. I made writing into an enjoyable activity by trying to express my thoughts in a structured yet artistic way. I never fretted about English devices but used a strength so inherent in my personality type: abstraction. Like connecting the dots in mathematics, one could do the same in literature. Leaving bread crumbs for the reader to enjoy the big picture, I used my scientific rigor to analyze my poems. For even art has rules. Some can be broken while others can be bent to your will.

Thirdly, I didn’t try change myself. I knew that like a good data model, a poem needs to get the message across in a relatable format. I decided to write as simply as possible. As people need to relate to your message. So I stuck with these three principles:

  1. Write Often : A little everyday, is a lot over the long run.

  2. Build Confidence : Share a little, learn a lot.

  3. Keep It Simple : Sometimes complexity diminishes power

This I found allowed me to tap into my creative side. I began building better poems by allowing the reader to interpret depth. Today, I am truly happy to write. It's not complicated, just pick up that pen and go for it! It is with great joy for me to share my work and I can definitely say that I am creative! I hope this helps you like it has helped me!