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Reviewing one's poetry

by Robert Jerore

I originally attempted to submit this commentary to one poet in particular. For some reason it would not send as direct Email to him. I got to thinking it over, then decided this could be good information to pass on to all writers. So... omitting the intended poet's name, I submit this as it was originally written.


I read your statement about not wanting to be counted as a viewer of your own poetry. You are inclined to believe it makes your work look better than it is. For a while I would have agreed with you. Then I realized where is a better a place to critique your own work. When posted, you view it as the other viewers see it.

I review mine constantly. Many poems were written as far back as 1989. I still make changes to "tighten" them up. 

I find it a challenge to try to eliminate as many words, or characters as possible, keeping in mind you are restricted to so many characters in the dialog box, you are posting it in.

When it appeals to me as a keeper, I copy it, re-submit it in PoetrySoup, and replace the original I have in my computer.  Try it... you may eventually agree also.

You might also decide to save it as a second version, and add a dash-2 after the name, to indicate it is a reworked poem. Then you have two... to decide upon, as which you prefer. You can always eliminate one afterwards.

A NOTE: Make certain you have an original copy of the poem in your computer, so you can recapture first thoughts in case you mess up totally.

Hopefully this might be considered by other readers as well; there is always room for improvement.


Book: Reflection on the Important Things