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Poetry Depth

by Lilli Olivia Vernea Evalina Eshi
When writing poetry, there should be a meaning and story about it. It shouldn't be about video games or cats or hair unless there is a MEANING. The song "The Day The Music Died" was a song about a great legend got killed in a plane crash. The person who wrote it had a deep passion for the band's music. I personally really like that song. Your poetry needs to have depth otherwise people don't want to read your poems. Some really good poets are jezabelle singe and passion williams. If you really think but not overthink there is a meaning. In my poem "On The Edge", I was going through REALLY hard times. My friends didn't care about me, they're problems were the only ones that mattered. "In My Eyes" is about this guy I like that didn't really know me but, I believed if he looked into my eyes (speaking of the quote "The eyes are the window to the soul") he could really know me like no one else. He never really got to know me that well. "WAAK" is about how I like to have a lot of fun but not in the way some people have fun. I'm kinda loony. And people thought we were crazy.
My point is that poetry needs meaning. I dare you to find a random writer; read one of their poems; and try to find the definition. I DARE you.