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Literature of Love

by Mckhy Styx Mallari

Some things in this world meet at similar points, the what we called their common denominator. Love and Literature are definitely two different things, it is obviously seen in their spellings. Love according to Merriam Dictionary is the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration. Literature according to my notes is the experiences and values of man written in a specific language, a language that is beautiful and unforgettable. So upon hearing their definitions, we can say that they are really two different things, thoughts, and ideas. But somehow I believe they meet at same points. As I am collecting their similarities I come up with three similar points of love with literature. First, love like literature, it has genre. In literary masterpieces there are five genres such as Drama, Essay, Novel, Short story, and Poetry. Love has it too. In fact you can call the love's genres the same as on literature. First genre, If your love is transparent to everyone surrounds you, as in they know every single details about your love, then your love is like a stage where Drama happens, so it is a Drama type of love. Next, If your love is just an attempt, for you to try to experience something, remember in literature an attempt is considered to be an Essay, so it is an essay type of love. Then, If your love lasts for a long period of time, able to survive multiple conflicts, it is a Novel type of love. Then, if your love lasts for a short period of time, it is a short story type of love. Last for the genre, if your love is too complicated that last for a 5-7-5, as in 5 hours, 7 minutes, and 5 seconds, that's a Haiku kind of love - Poetry kind of love. So which type of love do you prefer? Second similar point, Love like a literature, it has standards.literature Remember Literature has seven standards such as Artistry, Intellectual Value, Suggestiveness, Spiritual Value, Permanence, Universality, and Style. Love also has those standards. Love the same as literature it appeals to our sense of beauty, what we see is what we love; it appeals to our intellect, what we know is what we love; it appeals to our emotion, what we feel is what we love; it appeals to our sense of morality; it undergoes the test of time, the longer the better; and it must be original, love cannot be plagiarize. So does your love follow those standards? Last similar point, love like literature, it has a writer and a distinguised reader. Who's the writer and who's the reader? It is all up to you, but the best set up of all is that God as the writer and you as the reader of your own love story. As chapter ends, as longs as God is the one who holds the pen for your love story, there will always be a new and endless chapter in store for you. Love is a story, a literature, it has a standards. It depends on the writer and on the reader on what will be its genre. You as a reader, all you have to do is enjoy and learn from your love story, your own literature.