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Knowing The Craft

by john Robbins

There's much to be learned from others in fact most trades you go into you learn from someone else. That's why it sometimes seems strange to me so many poets seldom seem to truly study or even give past poet's a look.

When I began writing I took everything in reading works from many different poets I absorbed many great writers and really embraced what field I had chosen to be part of.

Yet from so many fellow writers and poet's I've known and spoken with over the years Ive come to realize few shared my passion for writing and studying the craft so to speak.

I'm not saying that everyone should dust of a book of great poets dive headfirst get lost in a sea of words but my point is much can be gained from looking at thing's from another's point of view.

If you were a carpenter you wouldn't show up on the job with just a hammer. Yet why do people feel in poetry you just limit yourself to reading your own work?

Not everyone feels that way but few to many do. Never restrict yourself in writing as in life keep your mind open embrace the arts look around in the world instead of living life with such a narrow vision.

be able to have a true understanding of the form in which you write. When you limit thought you only harm yourself depth is what sets good writers apart from great writers.

As in anything in life nothing runs free in a mind thats closed.