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In Love - Out of Love

by None

I am not asking you to believe every word that I say but listen to your heart and tell me if I am right or wrong. Poetry finds a new charm either when you are in love or out of love.

Go back to that old crest bring out that old diary, turn through the pages now do you remember when you had written those line. No matter how silly they are it must have been about something beautiful when you were in love with someone really charming.
Don’t be shocked to find a few more lines on same person blaming him for all your tears.

I don’t know why people tend to write when they are in love or out of love. Maybe it’s a good way to express themselves maybe writing makes the heart feel lighter. Maybe it gives a way to vent all those feelings that were stacked inside your heart, you always wanted to say it but never knew how. Most of the beautiful poetic works have been written during this stage.

So next time when you are too much in love or when you feel dumped don’t worry, just pickup a pen and write your heart out. You never know where it might take you!!!

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