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How to Write a Successful Blog

by Mary Land


It takes some time to understand that the following good blog post tips really work. However, the results will impress you and the efforts you take will be totally worth it.

Blog Writing Tips

1. Remember to use headlines!

When you use headlines, you can easily separate information into several sections. People are supposed to take their time reading your post, so ensure that it is well organized. When you make your blog posts easy to read, people want to keep following your blog.

2. Use sentences in bold.

Sentences or word combinations in bold are easily caught throughout the text; they attract the recipient’s attention. Bolded words guide the reader through the text and make it easy to get the point of the good blog post.

3. Add links to your posts.

Every blog post should contain at least two links to other thematic posts on your blog. In this way, it will give you the activity of the traffic. It is also the best background for SEO search engine optimization. In this way, readers will find more interest in your posts.

When you write a new blog post, remember about other posts, which may relate to the topic of your new text, so that you can link them.

3. Use two different pictures on Pinterest leading to the same post!

When you have two different images leading to the same blog post, you are the lucky one to have a double traffic! Promotion of blog posts in Facebook groups and Pinterest goes better, when you use two different images. While you are offering two images, readers are coming from two different roots.

4. Change background pictures.

When you create a Pinterest image, think about changing a background picture. You may leave the same text, but the new picture will drive the reader’s attention. A third image may also become a good alternative for your FB account. Interchangeable images on social networks lead to the improved traffic results.

5. Search engine optimization matters.

SEO search engine optimization helps followers to find your posts easily thanks to the organic page views coming from Google search. That is the best guarantee of stable traffic coming from continuous search. Social networks keep changing their algorithms, while organic view remains stable.

6. Ask your readers a question.

Involve your readers in the conversation by asking them a question at the end of each blog post. This will give you more credibility as a blog writer!

The more comments you have, the more you are considered a respectable writer it means that your topics are straight to the point and people like them.