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Formal Education In Poetry

        When poetry is talked about it brings relieved both to the formally and informally educated as i believe it to be.
Poetry according to the oxford advance dictionary is a poem as a whole or a form of literature and also a quality of beauty or emotional power” If poetry according dictionary is what is stated earlier then what  is the correlation of formal education which means an official and sophisticated way of learning i bet there is no correlation.
        Poetry is as old as man and man enjoyed poetry in the early days when there was nothing as classroom or chalk board so why should gifted poet limit their selves because they feel they are not educated enough which is not suppose to be.
Poetry is to be enjoyed freedom to use, create and exercise your diction for the good of nature which gave poetry to man, formal education in education is to dress our diction to suit the time and season which the poet find its self so that he/she can show their sophistication nevertheless those who don’t have formal education can also enjoy this sophistication.
        Whatever that is taken to be literature comes from within to affect the without, it is only the within that affect the without so formal education is a without because it is the within that makes it meaningful, not to be mistaken i’m not saying poet should not bother about formal education but all i’m saying is that it is necessary but not paramount it is just for the time-don’t crack your brain just let yourself be INSPIRED