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Drink the Music of Your Poetic Well Spring!

by ~JSLambert Domo arigato MR.ROBOTOthkUvm
     Readers may notice the mention of "Poet Trees" within poetic pieces I humbly orchestrate. This is merely a name given to depict a catalog of thousands (nearly all hand written) original poems I am fortunate enough to have written in life. They are absolutely the only physical possession of true value to me, as they are detailed visions, dreams, and documented journeys NEVER to be take for granted!

     Mankind often tirelessly politic, fuss, discuss or argue about ability to "be a poet or a real writer" within academia and other literary circles. I make a living as a humble writer and I say, who the hell cares?!?  Writing is NOT a talent, it is a very vivid experience and I am merely a journalist, just like all of you. I encourage each one of you to listen ONLY to the "WELL SPRING" placed within the guts of our existence~~Also, please allow me to personally thank all of the kind writers and readers of Poetry Soup for making this a pleasurable place to visit. I will make it a goal of mine to visit more often. Many great things happen within arenas such as this, BUT the Soup is really a unique and CLASSIC spot!~ Much love, ~JSL