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Changing 'Bullies' in the School Zone

by Aleasha Martin
Changing “Bullies” in the School ZoneIs your child being bullied in school on an everyday basis? Or perhaps your child is having problems “bullying” other children in school. If you answered “yes” to either question in your mind: this is not okay nor is it acceptable by any means. We, “the parents” have to love our children and teach them respect and it starts at home. A lot of times, what a child sees their parents going through, reflects on their behavior. This means if children see their parents arguing, or perhaps there may be a little more tension within the home than usual, there will be a change in behavior. They may rebel against their parents, or in this case, other children in school. This is the child’s way of trying to get attention, (in a negative way obviously) but the cause of them acting out in such a manner is that their parents, in all honesty, are not giving them the love and time that is required. Sometimes, we as parents, have to sit down and put their shoes on our own feet. What would it feel like if you were being bullied every day? All you want, is to go to school and study, learn, and succeed, but you have to worry about being bullied around all day. This is a major distraction, not only to the child being bullied, but to other children surrounding and teachers/staff. Let’s take a look at the ocean from a different view now. You go to school every day pondering on whom your next victim will be; who you can bully and push around. All you want is someone’s attention, so why not get it at school? After all, the teachers/staff care, and you know that if you’re bullying someone, you can get a reaction from every action you make! This is not okay and we have to change…acting like animals in school is not one of the rules. Now that you’ve observed these positions being played and there is a better understanding of these bullying issues within the school zone let’s begin to strive for change and teach the children how to love one another. Show your children how much you love them even if it means just sitting down with them and asking them how their day was every day. Tell them how much you love them, teach them to respect others, and encourage them, leading them into a bright future. Changing bullies in the school zone one stepping stone at a time, for imaginative minds is a start to strive for excellence.

Written by Aleasha Martin