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Breaking Rules

by Leighann Anderson
I have been writing poetry since the age of 13; some of the poetry I have posted is from my teenage years but most are new.  I started writing because my head became so full that it actually caused me severe migrains as a child.  I also write fantasy novels and I have only ever written one drama novel.  Most of my work isn't for children but from time to time I'll write a children's poem for my niece and nephew.

During school I was well known for writing poetry but my work always seemed non-orthodox; my poetry rarely rhymes like traditional poetry does.  I find rhyming limits the amount of words that can be used successfully because not all words have words that rhyme with them.

My work was well known for this and I believe that this method enables to create vivid images and give my poetry the deep meaning it has.  I am not limited with my words thus I am able to be descriptive without causing annoyance to the reader; not everyone likes reading poetry due to the stigma of it always rhyming, a lot of people are put off by this.

My English teacher always seemed to dislike my work due to my non-orthodox methods but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  However, I have been successfully published in 3 poetry anthologies, magazines and even my 6th year school year-book.

So people, poetry doesn't have to follow strict rules, rules only limit what a person can express freely.  Make poetry your own by writing what you think is right because I do and 9 out of 10 times it works.  If you follow the rules imagery is restricted in a way that can be seen by others when poetry is read.  So, regardless of what you write about let your hand do most of the work and let the words flow out on to the paper.