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Against the Form of Poetry


Conformity to form within literary circles often times culminate into copy trends. The copy trends lead to production of literary pieces that appear to be sterile. Creators of form (style) did not themselves have form to refer to. Everything began with a word and a word is yielded by thought. This conscious mental act is what conceived everything including existence of creations. I mean, without a word; it would be very difficult for one to manipulate the environment, creations and situations.

It is completely wrong if the world literary arena continued to walk around with huge bags of stupidity; the uncreative ambience perpetuated by existence. We are all proponents of literary theories and we find a lot of sense in intersexuality. However, I still feel like such theories are literary thumbprints left by scholars of some epoch behind us. It is quite uncommon that thumbprints will ever come to look the same. I feel like, everything should ever stop at criticism and some sort of brainstorm; give room to emergence of new genres some that could just emerge from pidgins and other forms of language contact and provide avenues for such publications and emergence of alternative schools of thought.

Old fashioned and derailing is a belief that creations of the onset were masterpiece and they ought to dominate our literary classrooms. In this epoch of moral decay, corruption and defilements; some departure from traditional style should take course. If "white Teeth used to make people laugh" as said Bitek, I think it's time they were used to bite. The face of the world does not please anybody.

Let us look at the Society, appreciate its milestones and correct distortions. Distortions such as envisaged through corruption, land grabbing, existing damages and distortions due to past colonial exploits and injustices should form the basis of artistic divergence.