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Ahmet Yalcinkaya Biography | Poet

Photo of Ahmet Yalcinkaya

AHMET YALCINKAYA  was born in December 1963 in Giresun, Turkey,and grew up in Germany. He has studied engineering, robotics, management andbusiness at various universities in Turkey, USA, Uzbekistan and Sweden. Helived in Europe, Turkey, and Central Asia. Lives and works nowadays inTurkmenistan, and continues his studies, research, and teachings in Sweden.

His poems, essays, letters,interviews, and poetry translations have been published by newspapers andjournals like Zaman, Al-Ahram Weekly, Impact, Avaz, Harman, Das Licht, Mavera,Yosh Kuch, Kiragi, Endulus, Poezia, Carmina Balcanica and others in Turkey,Germany, England, Egypt, Romania and Uzbekistan. Has been awarded with severalprizes. Has taken part in the editorial boards of some literary journals.  Edited and published for a short time (1995)the literary journal Mevsim (The Season).

Some of his poems have beentranslated into languages such as English, Uzbek, Arabic, Tamil, Turkmen,Azerbaijani, Romanian, German, and published abroad.

After his first collection  Daglarda Yer Yok  (Poems, 1997, ``There is not any place in themountains``), other works like Yetim Kalan Siirler (Poems, 2001,``Orphan Poems``), Yuragimning ko`z yoshi (Selected Poems, 2001, inUzbek, ``Tears of my Heart``) ,  ÖzlemSularında (Selected Poems, "In the Waters of Longing", e-book,2004, printed, 2005) have been published. He edited  and published also the poetry anthology  Poems of the Night (2005, 2008)together with Richard Mildstone.

He has also published works in technical and management fields.


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