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We Regret...

We Regret…

She remembered how amazing the Oriental rug felt under her bare feet. The way her white
dress brushed the back of her legs as she rose up on tip toe to kiss him goodbye.
He was tall, and his well shined black shoes made him even taller. She liked tall men,she remembered thinking. They are easier to find in crowds. She laughed at this joke; she had told him in the early days of their courtship.
His young shaven face looking down at her with love, he adored her. She was his friend; His everything.
“When I come back, we will be together forever, I promise.” He said.
She lowered herself from kissing him, and looked down at the ring he had given her. She believed him looking up at him again with a gleam in her eye, and a gorgeous smile on her face.
“I can hardly wait.” She said.
He smiled.
“You’d better wait!” He joked.
She laughed.
“I have waited for you for so long. A little longer will be nothing. I love you.” She said.
He pulled her up on her toes again and kissed her deeply. He released her and she lowered herself down. He looked at her longingly and brushed away some hair from her forehead, then kissed the spot.
“I love you too. I love you so much it amazes me, and lifts me up. It will carry me home to you, when this job is done.” He said.
She smiled, and touched his cheek.
“I’ve got to go.” He said.
“I know” She replied, looking down at her feet to keep from crying.
He turned grabbed his bags and walked out the door.

She remembered the first time she saw him. She was walking down the busy New York sidewalk to her father’s bank, and quickly crossed the street. She stepped up onto the other sidewalk and lost her balance. She almost fell into the rushing street, but a strong hand held her back firmly. She looked up, right into his lovely brown eyes, and her heart jumped.
“I got you.” He said.
Then he smiled that brilliant smile, winked and left. She was shocked at his presence, at the right moment. She was equally shocked at the audacity of his wink, then walking away. She was just too stunned to speak. She thought she had lost him forever as she continued walking to her father’s bank.

She remembered her dress dragging the floor as she walked around the bank lobby waiting on her father to finish his business. His office door opened, and out walked the man who had saved her. Her heart practically skipped a beat. She wanted to yell, but what would people think? What would HE think? She tried to think of a way to make him notice her, but he had already shaken fathers hand and was walking toward the exit and gone.
She quickly walked over to her father.
“Father, who was that?” She asked.
“That was Mr. Jonathon Weeks. He is a representative of Winchester Arms. I have invited him for dinner this evening.” He said.
She literally danced on clouds at how the hand of fate was working.
“Tonight?” She asked.
“Yes, tonight. I said that didn’t I? Are you feeling ok?” He asked.
“I’m wonderful” She remembered saying with a huge silly grin.

Oh the dinner! The dinner that evening, when they sat at the same table and she caught him looking at her so many times, and he caught her. Then, finally after all the agonizing table talk, and waiting for the right moment. They were finally alone. Just for a second on the veranda. And he spoke to her. She wanted to jump right into his arms at that moment, but it would not be right.
The long months seemed like a flash in time, when he came to the house for business, and would leave again on his trips. It was wonderful, but agonizing to just see him for a brief time; with only a smile and sneaking a small conversation.

Then, when he finally asked father if he could come visit me, I squealed! Yes, I literally squealed! And father said.
“Well, it sounds like Elizabeth is totally in agreement.”
Jonathon laughed too. He laughed that addicting laugh of his. No more hiding. No more making up silly reasons for him to come to the house. He would finally come to see me! Me only!
And what a delightful time of courtship it was, till finally before my father, and God, and the whole world. He dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him.
“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”
He gave me the most beautiful token of his love, and would soon give me his name, making me Mrs. Jonathon Weeks. Elizabeth Weeks, what a lovely name.
All these memories flashed through her mind, and stabbed her heart. She remembered saying to him, before he left. “The Lusitania, what a beautiful name for a ship.”
She rolled over on the couch and planted her face to the back of it weeping. The letter fluttered to the floor and opened.
“We regret to inform you…”

(From a writing prompt…)


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  1. Date: 11/25/2017 4:19:00 PM
    This is a beautiful short story and I think you've really got talent to produce awesome stories. My only reservation is that it seemed to switch from third person writing to first person the point of "Then, when he finally asked father if he could come visit ME" Mind you, I'm certainly not an expert writer or editor, but at that point in the story I became confused. Otherwise, the story is well written and thought out and very heartwrenching.