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The Leopard And The Little Fox

This Is The First Story I Will Tell My Daughter ( Imahn Taynn) #SnowLeopardAndTheLittleFox _ Once upon a winter's eve,there was a young little fox.As she played around in the forest and snow plains she kept trying to walk along the thick snowbanks But she always seemed to fall into the snow.In a distance there was a older but still young, snow leopard,watching and giggling as the little fox kept falling through. The snow leopard decided to get up and walk closer to the fox and softly he said with a happy laugh,“ what are you trying to accomplish? ” The little fox looked up at the leopard with an annoyed look as she .... explains, “The snow is too high and I'm too small and I can't seem to walk on top of it.” She then sighed softly. The snow leopard laughed and said,“ You can't just jump on it then.You can't try to walk on it, ” the leopard said with a grin.The little fox looked up at him in befuddlement with her bright blue eyes.The leopard slowly walked around the snow hole she was in and proceeded to explain. “ You have to let it lift you, ”he smiled ,picking her up by the scruffy carefully,taking her out of the hole and softly placing her on a less deep part of the snowbank,“ Only when you understand this,may you be able to walk atop the snow.” The little fox was still confused but was willing to learn,“What do you mean ‘ let it lift you? ’ the little fox asked.The leopard smiled and layed on the snow, sticking his paws into the snow, “ Every flake,like us are different” Each one being different gives it it's own type of life,melting fast or melting slow.Sticking firm or lightly he then softly blows the snow off his paws into her direction,“ You have to let life of each of the snowflake be as unique as your life is and let it lift you.Let them lift you, as if they were trying to show you something new, to bring you places”He got up and started walking off atop of the snow,but then stopped and turned around and said with a big smile “ Now do you see? ” The little fox was still kinda confused,but when she looked at the beautiful shape,a different size, she smiled and believed what he said.The little fox looked back up at the leopard said softly ...her paw down on the snow before she said to him, “ I think I get it.” She was afraid but she slowly started walking on top of the snow,step by step, not looking down; but looking to the leopard with a happy laugh, smiled and congratulated her, “ There you go,like it's natural.” The little fox smiled brightly and ran up to the snow leopard happily and excitedly asking him “ What can you teach me next? ” The leopard laughed and patted her head with his paw. “ It looks like I've a little apprentice ” the leopard said with a smile,“ We shall see where the wind and sun takes us and what lessons we have to learn as the days go on, ” the leopard said as they both started walking out into the setting sunlight. Inspired by My Lil Princess Imahn Taynn By Pardy Kdzy Mupfumbu email :


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