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The Feeding Rock

As afternoon wanes and twilight approaches, all the forest creatures start to stir, preparing for their night time adventures. I am in my resting spot and have a good view of the surrounding woods.

In a little while, I can hear faint whistling of the kind human; who has regularly been feeding the forest creatures for some years now.

At the edge of the woods, is what we creatures of the woods call the feeding rock. It is a great big slab of concrete, of unknown origins. It is on this special spot that the kind human puts out yummy food for all us forest dwellers.

All around me I can hear my neighbors stirring, preparing for their nightly trip to the feeding rock.

During the day, the area is claimed by Sammy squirrel and his buddies; along with numerous birds and crows, who can be quite bossy.

Right after the food is left, the smaller forest dwellers take their turns getting their dinner.

First up is Mama and Daddy raccoon with their five babies. From my resting spot, I can see the parents trying to gather their big brood together for the trip to the feeding rock. I have to chuckle, because one of their babies is always on super drive & never does what he is supposed to do.

After the raccoons have gone by, I see good ol’ Charlie opossum making his way slowly through the underbrush. Nobody messes with Charlie, because he is old and his age is unknown. He is a very unique fella, because he is nearly all white & he is pretty big.

Next comes along Mama Skunk with her four babies ambling along slowly as they make their way to supper. Everyone stays a good distance away from Mama, because she is over protective of her babies & will spray without warning.

Finally, after a good long wait, it is time for me and my good pal Amigo to go get some food. I hope that some yummy wet food was left for us tonight.

It takes a few minutes for Amigo, to make it too my resting spot. The poor guy only has three legs, which makes him a pretty special coyote. He lost one of his front legs after an injury he had when he was younger.

I tend to look after Amigo and make sure he gets food & doesn’t get into any mischief. People will sometimes shoot a coyote because they are afraid we will eat their small pets.

Just for the record, I want you to know that when a coyote sees any small animals running; we instantly go into prey drive. Unfortunately, coyotes cannot tell the difference between a wild animal and a domestic pet.

We reach the feeding rock & yes there is a whole pile of wet food left, plus some dry kibble and my favorite treat: jerky sticks.

Amigo and I eat our fill & then go for a quick run through the woods before retiring to my resting spot for the day.

Another night has quickly slipped past and soon the sun will start creeping over the horizon. Then, all the squirrels, birds and crows will be out & about on their daily business again.


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  1. Date: 3/8/2017 1:33:00 PM
    I enjoyed this thoroughly! It's as if I were watching my own nature show. Great visuals!