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Story of the Ghost Fruit

In the depths of the cavern there was a ghost fruit. The ghost fruit was blue and was surrounded by red plants and black plants.

Now you may ask,"What is a ghost fruit?" A ghost fruit is a fruit which has died and come back as an appariiton.

Who killed the ghost fruit? Well, different people have different ideas on that. Some think the ghost fruit was in someone's garden and that the garden owner forgot to water it. Some say an early frost killed the plant and it died because of that last winter. Others think it was the victim of wild animals.

As I walked thorugh the remnants of the garden where the ghost fruit had appeared I felt a little strange. After alll is it normal to believe in ghosts? Well, my eyes saw what they saw. There was a ghost fruit in front of me!

I felt a little hungry so I tried to grab the ghost fruit and eat it. But although I could see the fruit I couldn't grasp it. Although it appeared my hand grabbed thin air when I reached out for it..

Well I sat down aon a bench in the garden and tried to figure dout what was going on. My heart was beating rapidly so I did a little yogic breathing to calm down. In a little while I felt better. Ghost fruit or no ghost fruit I resolved to stay calm. The only ghiost I really like is Casper the friendly ghost. But I really has seen the ghost fruit that I mentioned in this tale. Plants are living creatures just as we are. So after death they become spirits as we all will. Peace & Power


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  1. Date: 7/1/2018 2:18:00 PM
    Is this the story you wanted me to read, Matt? Is this something to do with your health issue? I got the impression your story was related to how you are feeling in your health. I do hope you are feeling better. The line "I resolved to stay calm" tells me you are trying to deal with your sickness.