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Gun Violence MUST STOP

This is my statement about ‘Our FutureNow Youth'

All these shooting of our Youth MUST STOP! The city, the churches, communities and our states need to get together. This is not the end. We have a long ways to go. It's just beginning. if we don't, a lot of our young people not going to make it through their youth. Contact the city, contact the churches, contact the communities, our states. This got to STOP! The churches MUST pray! WE MUST ACT NOW! The communities MUST get involved. The people MUST stop taking the law into their own hands! We need to get more jobs for our young people! Our future generation is at hand. Agencies MUST stop acting along. This is not an individual problem, this is communities problem. I am and will continue to act, to pray for our kids because they are not just the future to come, they are 'The FutureNow'. What we do for them NOW, will determine WHO and WHAT they will be TOMORROW."

I know that people are tired of hearing about all the shooting going on. Yes, there are some great things that our young people are doing. No matter what race they may be (especially the youth of color). Let us also report about these great things they are doing also. Let us pick them out too. As I indicated about our youth, not just the future to come, they are 'The FutureNow'. We have to promote this also. We have to talk about positive things too. I believe, if we do, we can place the attention on the positive things more, not just on the number of negative things they are doing. This year coming up, let us pick some great things they are doing and write about them.

Let us help them to be happy while they are still young. Let us help them to remember their Creator while they are young because when they are older, they will forget why they are here and begin to destroy each other, fighting over worthless things, when they are meant to do great things. There is Great Potential locked within them, trying to get out. Sometimes it comes out negative and that's where the problems start.

So let us help them to bring out the positive side. I am for it and so should all of you be too. Our time here on this planet earth is not just to go to work in order to pay our bills but to help bring out 'The FutureNow' locked within our youth, who will be in charge of our cities one day.

Every parent wants the best for their children, but too many public schools lack the needed facilities and teachers; too many young kids are denied affordable quality pre-school and the care needed to remove barriers to learning, and college or technical training seems an unreachable goal because of soaring tuition costs and crippling student debts. In other high-income countries, young people have a clearer path to decent work, from early childhood to job preparation. It is time that America also invests boldly in our children’s future.

As I indicated above that our children are not just the future to come, they are ‘The FutureNow’. What we do for them NOW, will determine WHO and WHAT they will be TOMORROW.

It is said; “He Who Have Family Have Wealth.” and the health of our families Is a Healthy Wealth. It's about giving our kids the opportunity for a healthy and sustainable future in the world today because what we do today will show up tomorrow.

Psalm 112:3 (KJV) "Wealth and Riches shall be in his house: and His (God's) Righteousness endureth Forever."(GNB) "His family will be Wealthy and Rich, and he will be Prosperous forever.”

Julius Lawrence

Minister Elder of Communication / Encouragement Counseling



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