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Fresh Blood

It was pitch black and the forest was dark. Thunder roared in the sky and the wind was strong. I hadn’t seen anyone yet, but I knew the time would come. My mind was racing and I was thirsty for blood once more. I heard a twig crack and leapt into one of the surrounding trees.

She was young, and looked worried. I watched her run through the forest below and saw her begin to panic. She was about to realise that she was lost. A branch creaked in the tree beside me and the wind let out a menacing howl. It frightened her and she began to pick up the pace at which she was running.

The wind still howled and the trees were shaking vigorously in the forest around me. I ran my fingers along my front teeth, my eyes gleaming at the thought of fresh blood. I jumped through the canopy of leaves and landed on the ground below without making a sound. I continued to prowl silently behind her, waiting for the right moment to pounce.

She was still going strong, and I was about to give up the chase, when something flew out from a rugged cave in front of us. It startled her, and I saw my chance. I dived and pinned her to the forest floor. I licked my lips with anticipation.

She was beautiful; with pale skin and the brightest eyes I’d ever seen. Dark hair covered her shoulders and her features were sharp. Her slender body squirmed beneath my arms and I felt my fangs on my embouchement.

As my mouth got closer and closer, I could already taste her blood on my tongue. I was ready. I sank my fangs into her neck and an ear-splitting scream shot through the lightless forest. Even the hollow tree trunks seemed to shake with fear.

Blood dripped slowly from my lips and my eyes had turned a vibrant red. My skin became paler and my muscles stronger. My fangs grew longer and my hair turned a dead-black. I snarled and smiled to myself and I turned into a vison of horror.


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  1. Date: 7/31/2017 11:20:00 AM
    Hmmm...stay on the path...Love the wild vision you write so vivid. Thank you