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All is Well That Ends Well.

The marriage ended in a divorce,but it ended well! A friend of mine died,but at least he did not preform act against himself or society by committing suicide;His life ended well! In the marriage both parties agreed to a divorce,and it is swell that the marriage ended well! A man or woman will die,and maybe will hope to be accepted into heaven,and not be condemned to hell for eternity! The death came,and the man,and the women went to heaven,and did not go to hell;so the lives ended well! The ones who died went to heaven,and did not go to hell!!! All is well that ends well! That is not hell!! That is all is well that ends well!! "The "Dancer lost one of her legs,and could no longer dance with two human legs,and she decided to teach,so that she could have that feeling of elation that she had when she was able to dance on two human legs: She finally came to the realization,of finding a new romance in teaching dance to get the elation that she missed so dearly! She could see what she use to do in others who could dance like she had done! She found a new love in teaching dance,and she started the romance in her love of dance! All is well that ends well! The best is yet to come when all that is well ends well!!! The dancer found love through seeing and teaching what she use to be able to do on the dance floor!!!! We could be a "Preacher",and not have the ability to "Stand up anymore",and preach the "Sermon" that we love to preach,but we can still hear,and see a good sermon preached!!! All is well that ends well!!!! I can go on and on with this story to show how that "All is well that end well"!!!!!!!


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