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Rape in the city, lifestyle was blamed
Rape of a teenager, clothing was blamed.
And now?

8 year old, simply dressed,
Living in village
No modern lifestyle
Innocent and unaware of all this.

Childishly innocent she probably didn't know what was happening
Only knew that her pain was accuring

Terrified and frightened she begged for mercy,
But the wasps remained bloodthirsty.

They murdered her innocence every day,
And then finally they took her painful breaths away.

Her name means "pure" and such was her soul,
Yet to their foul eyes,
Her body was only of the lust to behold.

Such was their monstrosity they didn't let her dead, broken and Battered body to be buried,

In the name of religion, they were blinded.
They took her death to religion's fair,
But let me tell you this: the day their daughter died, both "The Bhagavan" and "The Allah" cried.

The temple which once echoed of ringing bells
now echoes of the screams for justice of that 8-year-old.


Copyright © Aayushi singh | Year Posted 2018

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I sit alone and think of you
Of everything we've both been through
Silent tears pouring from my eyes
Like raindrops falling from the skies

It makes me remember 
The time we were together
On the screens of our laptops 
Silently hearing the rainfall

Weeping over the phone calls
murmuring, I miss you.
A bit we knew
we meant it through
the distance between us.

It has been a year today.
Look at us now
still miles apart
but the hearts held closer 
then before.

Maybe the distance
does not always become
the reason for separation.
And even if it does,
we'll prove the world wrong.

This love will win over the myth
with You and Me along.

Copyright © Aayushi singh | Year Posted 2018

Details | Aayushi Singh Poem

I still remember

From nine hours on call
In a day to
Waiting for a single reply
I learned to survive alone

I still remember how it all started
I still remember that long list of promises
Which I gave you on the very first day
It's funny how I used to ignore texts at first

From crying over small fights
Between us to
Hiding our feelings over backspace
We drifted apart

Our first date
Though it didn't last up for an hour
But I still remember that proposal of yours
I do still wear that ring
From now even making a straight eye contact 
To getting up goosebumps on hearing
That you were leaving the next day

From narrating each and every incident of the day
On the call to
Summing up on a single word reply

You being such a crazy brat
Waking up at 7 in the morning 
Just to drop me to college on time
Yeah, that was memorable.

And after all the worst we have gone through
I still believe
Maybe we still stand a chance.
Just waiting the day when you would realize this too.

Copyright © Aayushi singh | Year Posted 2018

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Goodbye is always not easy to say
Especially when someone is going away
Today finally the day arrives
When we split apart
In the directions of our choice

From being together 
In every obstacle
To establishing a friendship
Which is loveable
We created a lot of memories
Which will be the remedies
In the life's worst phase

Though miles lie between us now
But we are never far apart
For friendship doesn't count miles
It is always measured by heart

Let hope and wish to meet again
To relive revive and regain
The college ambiance may not be the same
Yet we will sit and find moments to cherish and frame

The hope and struggle that you have done
Will definitely convert into success one day
Just a note to say
As now you move away
May luck and success be with you 
And we will surely miss you.

30th april 2018

Copyright © Aayushi singh | Year Posted 2018

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Its a story of an ambivert
The charade lively mingler personality
She was an acumen
The amiable heart

But she had another face
Shrinking violet persona
A soul who was forsaken
A creature who was ostracized
The spirit who believed that she was the most unlucky mortal
The one with the silence

Maybe she was in need of a rescuer
She abhorred being favored
The place where the soul achieved the peace
was in the silent lane accompanied by Her  chaos

The quote she believed was
"The devil is for real"
Probably she was the one Who was a friend of demons

Maybe her past made her believe in this fact
Maybe she actually met a devil for real
Maybe the demon is her savior in the tumult of her chaos.

Copyright © Aayushi singh | Year Posted 2018

Details | Aayushi Singh Poem


I wonder if you think of me
As I do of you,
I wonder if you miss me
I'm such an utter fool,
I wonder if you'd tell me
What I've put you through,

Do you feel the same? 
Elated just hearing your name
A mere glimpse of your face
Begins my heart to race

You're my first thought each day
Continually pushing all others away
My dreams are of us in bliss
I'm wondering if you feel like this

I count the moments your away
Subtracting the I love you's that you say
All the time hoping yet always knowing
I love you's will always outweigh

I find myself waiting without choice
Phone in my hand awaiting your voice
So certain I can hear you smile
Listening for that all the while

Wishing I could feel your touch
Wanting to kiss you very much
So I am writing again just to kill time
Watching and waiting to see you online

Believing you cherish these little poems so
I send them with love I want you to know
Maybe quaint or even silly at times
Solely for you, I write these rhymes 

No matter how many words I write
I can’t get you out of my head tonight
Or out of my dreams in my bed, alright?
I try to write you away
Yet you stay

You make the sun slowly rise
I see my world in your eyes

Copyright © Aayushi singh | Year Posted 2018

Details | Aayushi Singh Poem


The face which was her pride.
The beauty which was divine.
The panoramic grace.
The spark in her eyes,
Was as powerful as moonlight.
Seemed like she was predestined.

But then one day, the bellicose fortune took a turn.
When an autophile, abhorred herself.

That acrid fluid not just only burned her face.
But it was the foul reason which destroyed her grace.

With every passing moment
She sundered her own reflection.
With every passing beat of the heart,
she wished to forsake her bod.

Slowly, the holy soul died an awful death.
Screaming out for justice, her spirit left.

And everyone around just sat and watched t happen.
No one raised their voice.
No one took a stand.
Yet again a pure soul died of injustice.

Copyright © Aayushi singh | Year Posted 2018