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Best Poems Written by Abdul Kiawu

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A Society Of Brilliant Ignorance

 Immorality conquered the mind of youth
Devil in disguise they called it fun
God's word and devotees consider boring 
Motivation from insanity
A generation living on the knife-edge of reality and a twisted fantasy 
Choosing visionless minds their leaders

Brainwashed by a society of advertent incorrectness 
Pornography an entertainment for teenagers 
Prison the home of future leaders 
Drug abuse and illicit sex the prerequisite for street credibility 
Talents and creative minds extinct by narcotic 
Non-inspirational music of crime and violence surmount the beauty of poetry 

Curse by Freedom and Human Rights 
Immorality conveyed the acme of youthfulness 
Invading and subjugating the moralization creed
Hopeful voices of effulgence nonviable
Gone is the doctrine of life
Terrorism a religion and sapless words an ism
Where are the minds of enlightenment

A sad day for mother Earth 
Her most precious jade gone rogue
There's no safety in her sphere
Animal species on the brink of defunctness 
Great invention (nuclear weapons) made for the human race 
God's creation happily worship idols
Life a prison
Typification of the devil like a threads in a suit

Copyright © Abdul Kiawu | Year Posted 2017

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The Power of Giving

Giving is a placid air
It's safe to inhale in times of despair 
Lies deep a treasure chest that hold valuables 
To put smile on someone face 

To give is a priceless gift
Far better than a fountain of gold
In charity we stumble on endless bliss
And fall on the smiles and hopes we restore

Charity isn't life coincidence 
It is leaving your footprint on someone heart
Making a big difference by giving little 
And changing lives by donating benignly 

Giving is man's biggest virtue
It is the axiom to happiness 
The keys to unlock gloominess 
And the weapon to fight melancholy 
It's time to Give and change the world

Copyright © Abdul Kiawu | Year Posted 2017

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Happy Independence Day Liberia

Today we celebrate peace
Remembering how it was won
The many hearts that grieve 
For freedom is all we want

Salute the national flag Liberians 
Sing aloud the Lonestar forever 
Sing aloud the national anthem 
We are the custodians of Liberia's heritage 

Ours is the home of kindness 
The land where ships anchor with our forefathers 
Once torn apart by ignorance and a tomfoolery war 
With hope we strive to rebuild it together

Surviving unrelenting strife
Rainfall of misery on our lives
Alas, ignorance too come with a price 
It surmounted patriotism and morality 

170 with a little to show
Only our indelible past chanted by the waves of the Pacific 
Pausing our heartbeat for the innocents we lost
A sad day when anarchism won for sure

All hail Liberia hail
This glorious land of liberty 
Together we sing with plangency
Regardless the impediment we'll prevail

Copyright © Abdul Kiawu | Year Posted 2017

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Hidden Light

There's always a light waiting to shine
In the corner of a dark twisted fantasy, a light eager to glow
Waiting patiently to illumine 
From the hallow ground of the deepest dreams
From the depth of the ocean of motivational tears
The light is coming

From afar I see it glittering
The fragrance of inspiration can't escape my nostril 
A horizon of the future
Marching swiftly with knights of effulgence 
At last there's hope
It gets brighter when your pair of eyes closes
It sings louder than a million nightingale in the quiet night

The light is near
With it giant Trojan horse it approaches 
To rebuild broken dreams and unshackle us from mental bondage 
To put smile on the faces of the underprivileged
Oh that light we've longed for 
Our knight in shining armor is coming

For the days of darkness is numbered 
The light is just a heartbeat away
With every pounding sound of our heart a reason to fight
With every tears a calling 
They hear us clearly
They are here
They are us
I am the light
You are the light
We are the light

Together we shine
Rewriting our story with a pen bleeding the truth
Every dream a chapter
With one voice, one heart, one pen
We are ready to shine through darkness

Copyright © Abdul Kiawu | Year Posted 2018

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Take me untroubled 
To a sacred ground unscathed 
Show me a tabloid with a story untold
Unveil the gallantry of a heroine unsung 

Squall aloud ye inspiration 
Touching every soul
As it fall on listening heart
Grow roots and make beautiful flowers 
With the seeds of the inked words your mind sees 

The tale is awake 
The readers are aware 
The story will never be forgotten 
The struggle that pen hankering voices for equality 
Behold the wave that inscribe epitaph on a patriarchy society 

Copyright © Abdul Kiawu | Year Posted 2018

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Lonely vs Loneliness

 My heart struck it's last forlorn chiasma
Nothing change 
The stencil was ink free 
Avalanche of memories ran down mind
They were beautiful alas reality was my fear

Staying strong I tried
Distance I bravely wage war upon 
For it invaded my moments 
It placed me in a cordon and gift me loneliness 

We are separated by the sea and ocean 
The mountains and hills too
But we share the sky like portion 
I'm counting stars four hours ahead 

Rising to the lonely morning 
Admittedly a sad tale to pen 
Oh empty me fill with words 
She's gone for 1,008 hours and left me with thee

Copyright © Abdul Kiawu | Year Posted 2017

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Writings In The Cloud

Let's do this for eternity 
My heart cries 
Her selflessness embrace my happy soul 
Every minute with her adorns my heart 
My love for her is never-ending 

I love her to wrestle a star from Andromeda Galaxy 
Her abysmal of love is ineffable 
My world orbit around her
Emitting the lights like the sun that brightens my day 

My happiness is deeply rooted in her smile 
So fertile till my love grew roots beneath her love
I smile hearing the dulcet tone of her voice 
My heart whispers to me
How did she love you when you couldn't love yourself? 

Hear me now
These echt words crawls from the seamless walls of my heart 
They're lucky to flourish on a piece of paper 
But I'll be unlucky if your heart don't favor the poetry my heart writes

Copyright © Abdul Kiawu | Year Posted 2017

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A Glance At Life

 Take a look back
Back at your life
Half a decade ago 
Are there any changes? 
If not, reevaluate your strategy 
If yes, keep pressing forward 

Do you think the sky is your limit? 
Thinking that is mediocrity 
Believe there's something above the sky
What if the heaven is achievable 
Then the sky isn't your limit
Is a step to zenith

Have you thought about success? 
What is your goal in life?
Do you have a purpose?
If not, chicken mentality is subject to riddance 
If yes, eagle mentality is a path of refulgence 

Do you worry about failure? 
Yes, everybody does
But it's nothing but our inability to try 
Face everything and rise 
You're a winner 

Are you a pessimist? 
Don't choose to be an agent of negativity 
Difficulty in opportunity is your objective 
You're blinded by imbecility over reality 
Look ahead, optimist rule
Be optimistic

Copyright © Abdul Kiawu | Year Posted 2017

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Abandoned Truth

A lost soul has no intention to be found
It has learned love is pain and vice versa 
That's why hearts are painted ugly evil black
With a damage smile it love
For pain it know is to learn not feel

The silence it brings filled you with wisdom 
And slowly drag you into the terrifying dark yet beautiful 
This life is an epitome of shatter dreams and beautiful lies
Be ready for the wreckage that lies ahead
Juggle your pains, you'll have too many to heal

Copyright © Abdul Kiawu | Year Posted 2019

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Congratulation Poem

 You've fought bravely 
Eclipsing your fear and obstacles 
Useful hours quietly given to knowledge 
Soar above today's greatness for there's miles to go 

Be an exemplary leader
The shimmering light on your path a guidance 
The brilliance in your thought a beam of light 
This is the journey of effulgence 

This day was an ultimate goal
Look ahead and dream possibilities 
Seize a future that life holds 
For today is the rudiment to unleash your abilities 

Congratulations on your first step
A beginning of gusto
Surely a lux on your path forever 
They've light your torch
Go and be a solution in tenebris

Copyright © Abdul Kiawu | Year Posted 2017