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Best Poems Written by Taluls Dovey

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No reflection can see your true beauty

I look at my reflection wondering if that’s me?
I look at those photos stuck with Prestik on the white walls of my bedroom, and ask myself, is that me? 

I stand in front of a mirror for hours, trying to figure out when I turned into such a sickening piece of flesh. 
Through my eyes I see nothing but the hideous features and the five hundred and one flaws that have taken over my entire human body, 
but through someone else's eyes those flaws are invisible,
and those hideous features, are the prettiest they have ever seen.

Maybe it’s not through your own eyes that you realize your true beauty, 
but the way another looks, and sees the beauty that you cannot see.

Copyright © Taluls dovey | Year Posted 2017

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Your Future

Where do you see yourself in the future?

There is no key hole to show you a quick glimpse of what your life will in-tale.

No movie can illustrate what life has in store for you.

Most importantly there is no skipping the bad parts,

In one flick of a wrist, your life can go spiralling out of control,

no rewinding, 

no pausing,

and no way you can take back what’s already been done

Copyright © Taluls dovey | Year Posted 2017

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Human Rights will be known as a myth

They say you exist, 

but its only a matter if time,

until your basic human rights

slowly start to shut down,

and your forced to co-exist.

Until your basic human rights are known as a myth.

Copyright © Taluls dovey | Year Posted 2017

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Memories lost in time

You know you have reached your breaking point, when you realize how much time has gone by.
You think about the past, the memories so life like, but yet so many years have gone by.

The younger you have slipping away, like a hand full of sand flows through the palm of your hand, you don’t want to let go, but there is no way you can kept that sand there.

That connection is lost, but luckily not the memories. 
But the memories are the things that make you cry the most, they are like a record, they can be replayed a million times, but never remade like the original.

You can go back to where those memories took place, but You can never have back what is now lost in time.

Copyright © Taluls dovey | Year Posted 2017