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I saw you dance

 I saw you dancing

Transparent amongst the crying crowd

Your smile bright and beautiful

You didnt look hurt or tired..

You waved your hand as if to say hello

But goodbye at the same time

Still hunched over at the waist

But this time there was no pain

I saw you dancing today

Saw you smiling...

I saw you dance

Copyright © Teidra Whiteside | Year Posted 2017

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For you

Across the earth I go

Back to the loneliest place I know.

7 seas away... in the coldest most terrible place...

Is where fate has chosen for me to stay.

But the happiest most sacred place is with you...

The warmest most humble way..Is in you.

A slap in the face of fate..I'll stop at nothing to make my way...

to you.

I fear no consequence..

For I want no life so distant..

From you.

My love, My life..There is no price

to high..

No lesson too deep, No punishment..

Too steep..

For you.

I'd endure the world to be with you..

I'd die proving my love...

To you.

I want no legacy..But to carry the legacy..

Of you.

My love, I've found the reason for the sun..

The beauty in the stars..

The wonder in the moon..

It's all in loving you.

I feel no joy from Greece, No love from Rome or Italy..

All the joy I could possibly need..

Can be found in Cottage made of trees..

Just you and me..

Together Forever...Finally

Copyright © Teidra Whiteside | Year Posted 2017

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Carolina Pride

I've seen Carolina cry and oh have I seen her smile

And even though its been a while, I can still see her sun shine.

Small as a child no more than 4ft  from the ground,

I swear one day I saw her crown.

Sweet Caroline I nicknamed her.

Summer days spent Sipping sweet lemonade , never dreamed I'd  grow up and leave her one day..

I've seen Caroline harvest through rain.

I've seen her fold under pain.

I remember a time we'd all thought she'd given up,

Until she pulled through that fateful day.

Nourished Mama's figs and tomatoes, smiles and laughter filled the day..

I'll never forget the smile in her sky, as I danced In the garden that way.

Carolina autumn days turn to Carolina's deep evenings.

Orange sky, red ground, autumn is my favorite Carolina season.

Winter came and harvest died but sweet Caroline continued to smile.

Spring's rain brought harvest again..Never forget Mama and me dancing in the rain outside..

Summer brought on Jazzy June, fish fry's and barbecues...

Fields filled with those I love..

My Carolina People I love you!

Palmetto white and Indigo blue wave prideful In a sky so blue

Sweet Caroline I pray you always pull through!

Copyright © Teidra Whiteside | Year Posted 2017

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I plead bitter tonight.
Cold howls whistle outside
Trees move to a sad.. Slow..Song.
My heart feels angry
Tired of life’s undeserved, unexpected blows.
Sitting alone...
I cry bitterly.
I should give up for one night...
Take defeats hand and waltz into pain.
Let happiness fizzle.
Into the midnight blue sky sprinkled with grey guilt
Fall onto the cold cracked dry ground...
But I have too much to declare.

Copyright © Teidra Whiteside | Year Posted 2017

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The Reepers Poem

There is an ambiance about you.

A sadness but a rarity

Wish I could individualize you...


Define you...

I anticipate obliging you.

Caressing your bruises

Running my fingertips across your disfiguring tenement.

Telling you it'll be OK.

Even thought it wont.

I still wanted you to know

You're beautiful.

Copyright © Teidra Whiteside | Year Posted 2017

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Thanksgiving '16

I'm not gonna cry this time
No more fight, not worth the price.
Just gonna drown my chest in a liquor that bite
bite that fight right down.
Engage in that all to familiar fight
The drunk mans plight.
Loose and sink way down in that drunkenness.
Reminisce on times that don't exist.
Not worth the fight no more.
But I will drink some more.

Copyright © Teidra Whiteside | Year Posted 2017

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Sacraficee of Love

For your lips/ I bartered my kiss
For your tongue/ I Relinquished my breathe
For your touch/ I endowed remnants of my soul
And for anything else you captured what I had left.....

Each time I was with you pieces of me died....Pieces of me died
I could of probably withheld.and likely survived
But just to be by your side....The pieces of me died
Babe...I laid down and I died

What a jaundiced and distorted love I know
Yet I willingly continued to unfold
And give everything I was
What was the point?

Because I am no more..
No less than the deceased
You not only remember no you and me
Not a trace of me is lodged in your memory.....

Nothing in the world to you meant everything to me....
self-immolation, at its worst....
Physically im in tact, emotionally.....
I carry my own hearse.

A revolutionists of ones self
I annihilated myself
To prove to someone else...
I was worth more than their heart felt.....

I died for someone else
I am a hero of selfishness
An abstainer of sustainment
A suicide of ones self.....

I am a sacrificee of love....

Copyright © Teidra Whiteside | Year Posted 2017

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Darkness had consumed me, 
So darkness I became. 
I sold my colors to the sea demons, 
So that I may live in vain. 
Through blind eyes I could feel the rain, 
See the pain before it ever came. 
could hear the sepulchral symphony, 
Unerringly feel the delusion of my ways 
Darkness I am, So darkness you’ll become, 
Antiquity always reiterates. 
In tuned with darkness my colors are dimmed 
No smile forthright , 
No righteousness within. 
I captured your heart 
Twisted and broke it. 
You managed to love me somehow still hopeful. 
You can’t heal the dead 
And you can’t fix what’s hopeless. 
Blood replacing tears stream down my cheeks... 
Pain deeper than salty liquid remains blood deep. 
Twisted gut and wrenching heart, 
Wish I could retract and repeat... 
Hurting you more than it’ll ever hurt me 
I’ve become complacent and accepted the real me. 
My colors were once beautiful shining and bright.. 
But I sold my soul for passions of one night.. 
I could never be what you need, 
not in this life. 
Incapable of love, my virtue was slain... 
And across my heart there is an imprinted name. 
Only that name can release this curse.. 
But the name is fabricated and nothing burns worse.. 
I release the best thing I’ve ever had 
I don’t have the strength to love you back.. 
Darkness has consumed me 
In darkness I will remain... 
With the inkling I have left I’ll use it to push you away... 
Out of the darkness you’ll remain 
Never join this brigade.. 
Darkness has consumed me.. 
Alone in darkness I remain.

Copyright © Teidra Whiteside | Year Posted 2017

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I call your name in the midst of heat 
Wish I could feel your skin, 
feel your skin touching me. 
Warm, moist tongue remembered by me..
I still wonder if I even peek your memory. 
Finger tips, still feel around my hips 
Memory grips my thighs Miss lying in your arms. 
Miss that time I listened to your heart beat..
You lay asleep. 
I ran my finger tips across your lips..
In hopes that when I can’t feel your kiss
 I could still feel your kiss… 
You’re gone and I can feel your kiss.
Tormenting me 
I can’t sleep
When I sleep, I’m dreaming of you not dreaming of me. 
Pain rips the memories, 
tears solidify the weak. 
The weak is finally me. 
Silver lining in the clouds is blackened 
no longer dreaming but wishing upon a star for you and me.
Tears fall so heavily 
Painful heart I can barely breathe.
.In too deep.. 
Skin was too sweet.
Karma interrupted the creep..
No longer a you and me..
I wish I could make believe.
Very vividly make believe
Your face into my reality..
Pieces of me..
You took pieces of me. 
I gave you pieces of me 
for the peace within me.
You made me believe,
I could love, lie and be happy. 
Such a falsified belief. 
Came shattering down on top of me. 
Can’t forget about that time, 
you lay holding me. 
Magic was so strong 
feelings were so deep..
Toy story 3 watching us,
Me watching you, 
You watching me.
Grind into you slowly. 
Stared into your eyes 
make belived your lies 
Convinced I’d remain by your side..
That night I opened my soul.

Copyright © Teidra Whiteside | Year Posted 2017