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Stop and Start

stop looking and start seeing
stop seeing and start hearing
stop hearing and start listening
stop listening and start touching
stop touching and start feeling
stop feeling and start thinking
stop thinking and start believing
stop believing and start questioning
stop questioning and start watching
stop watching and start reading
stop reading and start dancing
stop dancing and start playing
stop playing and start enjoying
stop enjoying and start dreaming
stop dreaming and…
no, don’t stop dreaming

Copyright © Elle Kilma | Year Posted 2017

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Silent Curse Words

They sent Jamal to detention
for saying "erection"
yet he saw a billboard of the "KKK
with the president"

Maria cried when Emily told her
"If you say "f*** again, we won’t be friends"
but Maria heard that "they’re building a wall on CNN"

When Mohamed told Jenny, you have a "big a**"
She practiced her jujitsu and punched him in the face
While eating halal meat for dinner he heard,
"We’re banning people of the Muslim faith"

Danielle sat on the sidelines during the soccer finals
She was red-carded for saying "you’re sh**" to their rivals
but in Time Magazine she read, 
"In Mississippi they’re refusing service to homosexuals"

Ahusaka was in his room today
tweeting to his followers about the super bowl
He didn’t go snowboarding 
He called John a "mofo"
Ding, a notification on Ahusaka’s phone
from the Chicago Tribune
"The new administration is pushing through,
the pipeline under Standing Rock Sioux"

Jamal, Maria, Mohamed, Danielle and Ahusaka
paid their dues
but who's held accountable for "the silen* cur** wor** of the mighty few"

Copyright © Elle Kilma | Year Posted 2017

Details | Elle Kilma Poem

Do They Really Leave Us

They leave us

But do they really leave us?

They leave the world
They don’t leave our hearts
They leave their bodies
Not the characters they embodied

Push the button, it all starts 
to end
They returned the gifts they were blessed with
Gently back into the places they came from

Wrapped in white silk
Creamier than milk
Gently they descend

Back where it all began
In the finest grains and dirt
Slides between their fingers
It’s warm
Protected from the storm
Every bone in every cell that rose

And now
It falls
Sinks into peace
Plummets into the light
Into the piercing breeze
Cold enough to breathe
The Last breath
The Last sight
The Last scent
The Last taste
The Last touch

They rest their eyes
Their minds
Leave their memories behind
They lose their fears
Release their dreams
There are no inhibitions now
No where, who, what, when and how

It rang
The buzzer, the alarm

The green light shines
orange, and then red


Like the soft sounds of the Sahara
Like the silky water of the red sea
Like the child in the womb


Even deeper now
Ears, they don’t hear a sound
Or the footsteps above ground
No longer can they hear the winds racing
Water dropping
Babies crying
Engines roaring
Glass shattering
Heels stomping
Kids playing
Waves crashing


They don’t hear a sound
Now they rest
In peace, they indulge
They are the lucky ones

Chosen from the masses
Handpicked from the fields
From the rest, they shine
They saw and were never blind

They will remain loved
As our eyes rest every night
We will unite
And relive every day we spent
Every feeling felt
After they leave us

But do they really leave us?

Copyright © Elle Kilma | Year Posted 2017

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The Apocalypse

what if
the light at the end of the tunnel 
is an oncoming train?

what if
you don't learn from your lessons
and you can't survive the present?

what if
there's no gain after the pain
and the insane are those who reign?
will you remain?

what if
this is
the apocalypse?

Copyright © Elle Kilma | Year Posted 2017