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A Pair of Fives

Hormones make the Endocrine System work 
They’re always around, they always lurk. 
And they do so many things
And to the body the blood always brings
So many chemicals all over abound
Each only binds to specific receptors found.
Sometimes they’re high, sometimes they’re low 
And hormones always absolutely go 
Via the blood until it finds, 
Its special receptor, where it binds. 
And no matter what you think you knew
There’s only five things they generally do.

Membrane potential, a hormone can alter, 
And so a cell’s function will never falter.
When they alter membrane potentials we know
And that always means information will flow.

Protein synthesis, too, gets involved 
And making large molecules soon gets resolved. 
They can cause proteins synthesis in the cell
By turning on genes that work so well.

Enzyme modifications are also the norms
They can activate second messenger forms.
And when it does, it can certainly cause, 
Enzyme activity or enzyme pause. 

Secretions, too, the cell will spit out, 
Due to the hormone, because of its clout. 
And what is the importance of what the hormones’ issues
These cells spew out substances to affect other tissues.

Then there’s the last, reproductive in nature
Mitosis and meiosis, both important in stature.
Both types of cell division are obviously affected, 
Another example of hormones, reflected. 

Copyright © LR Waldman | Year Posted 2016

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Inside Out

Inside Out

The mighty mitochondria make ATP, 
Without which there’d be no you or no me. 
From glucose, bonds break and energy flows, 
Through various molecules, energy goes. 
From foods that you once eventually ate, 
ADP gets another phosphate. 

It can reproduce when only one, 
(But all by itself, that can’t be much fun.) 

The round DNA in them that is found, 
Is the same as bacteria that today are around. 
But it still retains its original way,
And replicates with its own DNA.

Ribosomes also, like bacteria’s of course.
Of their proteins, they are the source.
The ribosomes that it uses to make its protein, 
Are just like bacteria’s, when close up are seen. 

And these proteins, they are very old,
Like those of bacteria, so we are told.

Two membranes it has and the problems that posed, 
Until the thought, it was once phagocytosed. 

The bacterium was phagocytized, no lysosome engaged,
They started living together with no one enraged.
And because at the start, the lysosome did fail, 
Now two membranes remain to suggest this tale.

And so it is true,
With chloroplasts too.
The same type of tale,
Just not being pale.
These are plain green,
And easily seen.
From sunlight and carbon they make a compound,
That their mitochondria can then break down.
For their mitochondria work just the same,
To make ATP, the name of the game.

Endosymbiosis is the name of the game,
Many people don’t get it and that’s a real shame.
It’s more than just two things living together,
It made them both quite different and better.
A few billion years past, both were living,
A cell and bacterium, each one giving.

What does it matter, why do we care?
Because with endosymbiosis, evolution does share.
The bacterium had talent in making ATP,
And became mitochondria in both you and me.

Copyright © LR Waldman | Year Posted 2016

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Pardon Me

The digestive system, what can I say, 
A favorite to exercise many times a day. 
It’s always working whether awake or asleep, 
And most of the time you don’t hear a peep. 
But once in a while, loud sounds can be heard, 
If from someone else, then give them this word. 
Borborygmus it’s called in the singular form, 
But hearing it once is just not the norm. 
Borborygmi it’s known as the plural kind, 
But don’t let this words get you out of your mind. 
One hippopotami cannot get on a bus,
Cause one hippopotami is two hippopotamus.
Just memorize the words, load your burb gun, 
Borborygmi means many, borborygmus means one.

Copyright © LR Waldman | Year Posted 2016

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Breath Control

Control of breathing is quite complex
And if you really check the specs
You find all kinds of balances and checks

Within the medulla, cells playing their role
The DRG, inspirational control
Using cyclic neurons for their goal.

Actions potentials from the DRG
These cells are cyclic and fire intermittently.
Then muscle contract to the best of their ability.

To the external intercostals and diaphragm they talk
And these muscles, at the neurons’ stalk
Follow orders and they do not balk.

And when they stop, the muscles relax.
Air is forced out as muscle slacks.
Volume decreases and Boyle’s Law acts.

So breathing in costs ATP
That means the use of energy
But calm expiration? It’s just free.

But when you need to force air out
Or at something, really shout
The VRG is what it’s all about.

It talks to abdominal muscles as well
As internal intercostals to make pressure swell
And air in the lungs can no longer dwell.

The Apneustic center in the pons is a source
Of a center dealing with force
Of an inspiration’s course.

The pneumotaxic center deals with duration
And both centers talk to each medullary station
And help regulate breathing condition.

The limbic system has some sway
In breathing fast or slow at bay
More than most realize, an important say.

And the hypothalamus, always of import
With its influence never falls short
In aiding ventilation, it lends its support.

For other than limbic, it deals with fever
When it tips the temperature lever
And makes ventilation a greater achiever.

Lastly there’s the cortex of the brain,
Whose job most think, is always to reign.
But when it comes to breathing, it is quite plain.

You can’t stop breathing by your will.
The lower centers always still
Make breathing a reflex, cortex input almost nil.

And just what drives this reflex to ventilate?
From where does the need originate?
From the chemoreceptors, it does emanate.

Receptors monitoring proton concentration.
Then messages sent without cessation
To the brainstem for increasing ventilation.

And hydrogen ions, where are they from?
Carbon dioxide and water, voila, they come.
The magic formula, carbonic acid does succumb.

Copyright © LR Waldman | Year Posted 2016

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Five lobes of the brain have we evolved
All doing different jobs but all intervolved.
And all these lobes, just mm thick
But still so unique and they do the trick.
This layer, as thin as can be
Cell bodies, gray matter in both you and me.
All the lobes does a number of things
And to the table each will bring
Some special function not shared at all
And each function is nothing small.

The frontal lobe deals with movement
Having fun or paying the rent.
Anterior to the central sulcus
The primary motor cortex, homunculus.
And on it the body pattern distorted
With motor efferent numbers reported.

On the opposite end is the occipital lobe
And for magazines is the vogue.
For vision here is processed such
That colors we see are so much
Trichromatic we’re called because we see three
Blue, green and red, the cones we can see.

The temporal lobe is on the side
And its importance we will not slide.
The auditory cortex on this region
Has a map of each audition.
Different frequencies along a line
That allow our hearing to be sublime.
And this tonotopic map, just to make it more fun,
Is exactly the same in everyone.
Olfaction is also found on this part
The last stop for smell, quite far from the start.
The only sense that isn’t modified
And gets to the brain without being tried.

Under the temporal hidden from view
A lobe of importance you should not skew.
It is the center for pain and taste.
Life without flavor, what a waste.
And of course pain, not to be ignored
Never builds up, never gets ignored.

Last the parietal, a very odd place
The association cortex coordinating space.
This is where you first perceive touch
And the ability you have is much.
The sensory afferents that lead there
All must need to share
The area behind the sulcus central
Allows you to feel your dog, your best pal.
And the homunculus there functions the same
But this one has sensory function for fame.
Sensory afferents taking up space
So you can have feelings all over your face.

Copyright © LR Waldman | Year Posted 2016

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Pushing and Pulling

The heart is autogenic and depolarizes no less
But it can be influenced by the ANS.
Autogenic means leaky channels
And within the channel annals,
This means changes in membrane potential
And for the heart, are is essential.

The sympathetic speeds it up and the parasympathetic, it slows.
And both the sympathetic and parasympathetic talk to the nodes
But only the sympathetic to the myocardium goes.

A change in rate is chronotropic.
A change in force is inotropic.

A muscarinic receptor for acetylcholine
Opens potassium channels and that will mean
That as potassium leaves, it will oppose the leak
Of sodium entering and both will tweak
The membrane potential so that it’s slower
To reach the threshold and not from potassium, go lower.
So overall, to reach threshold, it takes longer
But the contraction is not stronger.

Beta 2 is the receptor for the sympathetic response
And norepinephrine it will ensconce.
Separate sodium channels will open and add to the leak
And faster get to the threshold peak.
But norepinephrine binds to the muscle
And in doing so, will make it hustle.
So overall, to reach threshold, it’s quicker
And contraction strength, a stronger ticker.
But epinephrine too, has the same effects
With the sympathetic flex.

Beta blockers which calm the heart
Antagonists that will slow the start
Bind to these receptors tightly
And make the heart beat more lightly.

Copyright © LR Waldman | Year Posted 2016

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With respect to digestion, we talk of two fates
The absorptive and post absorptive states.

Think of a meal as earning a wage.
You may use a bit but you’ll save some, if sage.
And the ratio is something you always must gauge.
It can certainly change as one does age.

Up to four hours after a meal
Before your insides are resting from their zeal
Insulin is governing lots of the chemistry
In your body’s energy registry.
It promotes glycogenesis, glycogen production
The storage of glucose, a major reduction.
Lipogenesis will also take place
After a meal at an increased pace.
And of course, protein synthesis also increases
As your body builds up new pieces.

But after four hours, post absorptive will dominate
And glucagon is the hormone that it will nominate.
It will cause the breakdown of things that were built
So that sources are available when you need them to the hilt.
It promotes glycogenolysis, the reverse of the above
Because now your blood glucose might need a shove.
Lipolysis, too, is also promoted
Proteolysis as well, just as devoted.

While insulin and glucagon both promote their actions
They also inhibit the other’s reactions.

Copyright © LR Waldman | Year Posted 2016

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A Tale of Tails

We are primates, one and all
And our heritage is not from the fall.
The primate group is where we’re from
And no matter how far we’ve come
We owe our past through ties of time
And that’s the purpose of this rhyme.

We are a great ape, just like the rest
While some people think we are the best
We share certain traits with others like us
And shows the relationship without a fuss.

With tailless primates, the great apes all
Four Genera of Hominids, but only we stand tall.
But interestingly enough, other Genera are less succinct
Each have two species, reproductively distinct.

Of the chimps, Pan, bonobos in a seemingly fright
Use sex to settle things rather than fight.
The common chimp will settle things
With a stick in hand, that it brings.

Of the Gorilla group, peaceful eaters of fruit, leaf and seed
Just look somewhat different although they can all breed.
There are also some differences in the sounds that they make
As well as the chest beating of which both species partake.

Then Pongo, we have, the oddest of all
On Borneo, sometimes, they descend and stand tall.
But mostly alike with some minor differences in hair
The fascinating thing is the flange that some males bear.
We’re not really sure what the flange is for
But it seems to play a role in sex, we’re almost sure.
One male in an area will develop this trait
And it will seal other males’ reproductive fate.
But given the circumstances, if the situation has need
Any male can develop this structure and breed.

And then we have us, of Homo descent
The only naked ape, fully walking not bent.
No others survived, it’s rather quite grim
We are the end of our evolutionary tree limb.
But what separates the monkey from the ape line
Is that monkeys have tails but apes lack this vine.
And in general apes have a bit of the size
In spite of the fact that we lack that tail prize.
The only naked ape, fully walking not bent.
No others survived, it’s rather quite grim
We are the end of our evolutionary tree limb.
But what separates the monkey from the ape line
Is that monkeys have tails but apes lack this vine.
And in general apes have a bit of the size
In spite of the fact that we lack that tail prize.

Copyright © LR Waldman | Year Posted 2016

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Needy People

Four basic things that we all do need.
Our bodies crave them with actual greed.

The first is oxygen in the air
In just a few moments, quite the scare.
You need it to make ATP
And form water but not for pee.
This water you can breathe out warm
And fog a mirror, hot blooded life form.

The next is water, the liquid of life.
Just one day without it and you feel the strife.
Dizzy you get
Quite upset
And you’d do anything just to feel wet.
A few days long is all you can go
And after three days you really know
That your time is up and you are through
And there’s little that you can do.

Sleep is next, not many know this
And no one likes it when they miss
A good night’s sleep every night
Without it you never feel quite right.
So how long can you go without sleep?
The question is rather deep.
We can’t play with people like mice.
Even if we did, would the results be precise?
We really don’t know
How long we can go
But studies do show
That animals will forego.

Lastly we have food.
Oh, how good.
How long can we go without food
Before our body is permanently screwed?
And when I say, permanently screwed
I’m trying to allude
To the fact that if you then eat
The damage done will not retreat.
So just how long is this time we speak?
About a month and then you’re too weak
To do anything but stare and peek.

Copyright © LR Waldman | Year Posted 2016

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Neurochemical Withdrawal

What is love, just chemicals in the brain.
And when love ends, it can be a pain.

It’s like a drug, withdrawal to go through.
And there’s nothing that anyone can do.

There is the good and there is bad.
And regardless of both, it’s still sad.
The good is knowing that the pain,
With some time, will certainly wane.
The bad is that it’s certainly true,
Until that time there’s nothing to do.

It’s true withdrawal, just like from morphine
Altering the very brain’s machine.
It’s a real effect, can’t be denied.
Take it from me, many have tried.
And unlike some learning, with time you get better
With love withdrawal, you follow the letter.
Nothing to do but suffer the time.
Cause nothing you do will make it sublime.

Plus food has no interest, no desire to feast
It’s the heart break diet, 15 pounds at least.
And then there’s sleep.  What’s that you say?
You sit in bed till the break of day.

So that’s the message and everyone knows,
When your heart is broken, that’s the way it goes.

Copyright © LR Waldman | Year Posted 2016