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California is Drying

California is Drying

California is drying up they say
this drought
only needs another year before 
is a sun dried tomato 
is cracked clay of a dry river bed
is like the white salty residue my sweat leaves
when i am dehydrated 
riding my bike 
through the soul sucking heat 

California has 1 year of water left
and people still stand in the heat 
and wastewater
on their greedy green grass lawns
you cannot eat grass

California known for farming 
citrus fruits and
endless fields of grapes for wine 
avocados and almonds 
hydroponic pot plants and hops for craft beer

If you drive through 
Central Californian farms 
All the trees are dead
all the people are gone 
all the dust is kicked up
all of the lush farmland 
is now a desert

and our government sucks us dry 
and we suck once fertile California dry
the once proud Golden State 
falls apart in my hands like a petrified fossil.

Copyright © Francis Castaneda | Year Posted 2016

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flowers planted in a row 
red orange yellow green blue indigo 
out of their bush you pull and tear 
just to stick them in your hair 

their beauty is so flagrant 
evolution has made them so 
and they smell oh so fragrant  
bees and the breeze spread their pollen as they go 

they are plenty and a worthy foe 
to human destruction, worry and woe 
for the flowers shed no tears 
i’ll pluck them for you when we’re 

sitting close and when i whisper 
i miss you, i need you
i got you baby, for sure
my pretty flower, my love true 

Copyright © Francis Castaneda | Year Posted 2016

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Spider vs Mantis

The Debate

as i sit upon my porch 
the red orange sun dying like a torch 
the strangest conversation i overheard 
a spider and a mantis speaking words 

says spider to mantis

“how do you sit about all day,
without a place to stay?
is that really how you prey?”

says mantis to spider

“why do you hang about that way, 
just to be busy all day?
is that really how you play?”

arachnid responds 

“i am resourceful i'll use any corner for my lair,
when it’s complete i hide and wait there.
infinity in my web i balance 
i feel it vibrate and then i pounce!
Miss Mantis your life is dull and dreary, 
you need a web like me my deary!”

cousin of the roach replies

“i am patient and intuitively calm,
i sit like a leaf without a qualm,
i meditate about the simplest things,
then i strike with sharpened springs!
Miss Spider you're the boring one,
i travel with the wind just for fun!”

the mantis sitting the spider doing  
the spider spinning the mantis knowing 
winds of eternity flow and ebb
the mantis praying in the spider's web

Copyright © Francis Castaneda | Year Posted 2016