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A Dream

Let there be no hidden or disguised facades
Let there be achievable dreams; not hopeless mirages
Let there be no sorry but sunny days of happy faces
Let there be no hatred and separation between the races
Let there be an abundance of bright lights and starry starry nights

Let there be a fully promoted and always protected Bill of Rights
Let there not be assaults of, but encouragement of Free Enterprise
Let there be more Term Limits of politicians and less special privileges
Let there be the exaltation of the individual
Let there be the expansion of Entrepreneurship 
Let there be no loss but multiplied gains of greatness

May politicians always be servants of, and not superior to the people
May I not be afraid of 'my government', but may it be 'afraid of me'
May the constitution be upheld, and all religions free to teach and tell
May justice be freely served and never a mortal abused or unnerved
May the Bible not be seen as a threat, but a friendly guide to paradise
May every American be filled with hope, and duly take note;
America's future and hope lie far above and beyond the vote

111120PSCtest, 2021 United States Of America Visionary Poetry,                           L Milton Hankins, Sponsor. NA

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2020

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Kids: Funny, Poor, And Sweet-F

We loved the lollipops, cracker jacks, holloway candy sticks                           We adored the chocolate coated ice cream bars and the tootsie rolls.
We could not get enough of the pop sickles, cool aids, and soda pops.          
We sang a love song saying, “Ice cream, soda water, cream on top,                                                             tell me the name of your sweetheart”. We had the best tasting cookies and cigarette candies that eyes had ever seen. We were just poor kids in America’s poorest state, but no kids were sweeter than us. Hot as fire, hassled and harassed by humidity and drops of sweat, but we were sweet.

Life was hard in my little Mississippi Delta town; But somewhere between hard work and chores; between feeding the chickens and the cows; between feeding the goats and the hogs; between watching TV and doing homework;
between the sun ups and the sundowns; and between the dawn and the dust;                                                 
Yes, in between, we found time to play. Most times we were okay, didn’t go astray, and had lots of fun in the barns, playing in the hay.

We rolled rubber tires like driving fast cars; laughed out loud as we sucked whining balls. Money was always lacking, but we did our share of licking, chewing, and sucking the sweet stuff. We bought a lot for the few pennies, nickels, and dimes that we had. We could buy our treats cheap back then.     So we did our best to stay sweet, chewing bubble gum filled with sugar. We didn’t have a care and learned how to share, and the sweet stuff was always there. 013008PSContest, Childlike Fun, Caren Krutsinger, 2P

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

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The Constitution

There is much to be loved and appreciated about the United States Constitution, and

Heaven, I believe, breathed upon the founding fathers in their pursuit of good government.

England was ruled by kings and state bishops but never were there to be such in New England.

Christianity was indeed the driving force behind the nation, but no religion was to be mandated.

One of the things I appreciate most about the constitution is its God-Awareness and wisdom.

Nothing in history had provided the new nation with the idea of a government of, for, and by the people.

Sudden and swift suicide seemed certain a decade prior, except to those men willing to die for their cause.

Thirteen states united and saw themselves as, "We the people in order to form a more perfect union".

Independence had been fought for and obtained, and now it was time to establish a secure government.

Their time had come to be a beacon, a city on a hill, and it was time for good principled laws among men.

Unity was paramount, but it also required an agreement to disagree when a total agreement was not possible.

Tolerance among countrymen of like purposes was far superior to the intolerance and tyranny of Britain.

It was now time to put into practice, to implement, to execute and practice their plan before all the world.

Optimum care has been implemented, making this document the envy of the world.

Navigating and activating this sacred document need never be a constitutional crisis.

07022019PoSoupContest, Another Eight Word Challenge,                                            Kai Michael Neumann. Chosen word: Constitution

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2019

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Butterfly Beauty

From our youth, we have been taught that beauty is only skin deep;
and  “It’s in the eyes of the beholder”,  is what we like to teach.
Many a head has been turned, and our hearts have taken a leap.
It was breathtaking, as our captured hearts skipped a beat. 
I absolutely understand this, and I do tend to agree.

Many were the working hours of driving through the marsh mellow wetlands.
I paused but could not stall as I took in the blessings of beauty in the Fall.
So pleasing and peacefully, the feathered fowls played, rested, and feasted.
So honored and privileged was I just to watch and breathe with the birds.

I have witnessed the carefree and feathered beauty of butterflies flying by.
Such artistic mixtures of colors often arrest and capture even this stoic guy.
And I’m reminded that such beauty was earned in a cocoon, and not given.
It was born out of strength and patience, and not made-up quickies.
Time was crucial, and the work was hard, as the moth long endured.

The butterfly has taught me that beauty develops in stages and unfolds over time. I must continue to learn to wait and dutifully labor through the hard times. Millions of the Monarch Butterflies spend their winters in Central Mexico. Come Spring, may I too, like butterflies, spread my wings and take flight.

12052015PS Contest: For Men Only( Would You, Could You) Write About Butterflies. 2nd contest entry 6/29/20, Butterflies And Marshes Mellow,
Kai Michael Neumann

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

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Dear Jupiter

You don't know me, and perhaps you never will. But in my heart I am certain that we have at least one thing in common.  We have the same Creator.                                                                                                      

A few weeks shy of six years ago, an American Satellite was launched your way. I remember it well, and decided to observe and track the success of the mission. You are very huge; *1300 earths will fit inside of you? Unbelievable! And you are also a very great distance from me.** It's amazing that it took nearly five years to reach you, even going 30,000 mph. We are receiving info and photos of you, and in a few months the space craft will crash into you.  

Last week I heard that you had a storm the size of which was bigger than earth itself. How awesome! We are trying to get to know more about you. I recall learning about you in grade school many years ago. I learned that you were one of the nine planets in our solar system; but I did not realize or remember that you were so large until a few years ago.  

Jupiter, I think  it's great getting to know more about a big brother or created one like yourself. As I understand it, you are presently being encircled, and more pictures are arriving all the time.  Can I share something with you? So many stars and objects out there in the universe are falling  and often crashing into each other.  It appears everything out there is in constant motion, and  over time, they burn up.  Some have crashed into earth; and I personally saw a big crater in Arizona nearly forty years ago.  At some point, everything and everybody comes to an end.

Here's what I'm thinking.  I have a Biblical world view about the creator and as a human, I expect my body to die and decay.  My faith in Christ compels me to believe that my spirit will never die. Long story short, since God has made our universe so vast and measureless, I have often wondered if some of our time in eternity will be spent exploring the universe.                

Jupiter, you may recall that I stated earlier that  perhaps you and I will never meet.  However,  If for some reason this idea of mine proves true, I should expect to request a visit with you.  Until then, I shall continue enjoying the beautiful pictures of you.                                                              
07232017cjPS; *Wikipedia:1.4313×1015 km3[3][b]1,321 Earths;                ** Ranges from 365 to 601 million miles

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017

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Some say tomorrow promises not jubilation but annihilation.                                                                               And others say that tomorrow will bring horrors and sorrows.                                                                                 Tomorrow, a myriad of people will dream and celebrate yesterday.                                                                                                Tomorrow, many will not sleep but have nightmares about the future.                                                                                 

Tomorrow, I need not stop, park, recline, resign, and claim 'what's mine'.                                                Tomorrow, I need not live with regrets, make fewer requests, and never again protest. Tomorrow, I will not look, feel, act, think, walk, and talk as if an anged ancient hasbeen. Today, I will not be anxious, stressful, and worry about what might happen tomorrow.                                                                 

Tomorrow is the 'Age of R's": Redemption, Reconciliation, Rededication, Resilience, Resolution, Resurrection, Restitution, Reconstruction. Tomorrow will bring Restoration, Renewal, Revival, Revisitation, Returns on Righteous investments, and the Revolution of good. Tomorrow is the golden gateway, the ocean expanse, for that 'best' which will have finally come.                         

Based on the news media as well as social media available, tomorrow looks worse by the day. Should I hide my head in the sand and brace for a crash landing, or keep hoping, voting, and praying until the politicians come to an understanding, or head for the hills until the smoke settles, or get into my bunkers before the bombs start falling, or until the freeze is melted, or until the hurricane ceases?                                                                                  

If such were my only source of information, I too would be filled with intimidation and frustration. But my sources tell me to look up because my redemption is near and that tomorrow bodes great things. Based on a book that I have been reading for more than 50 years, tomorrow is looking better every day.

11262018PoSoupContest, Tomorrow, Edward Ibeh

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2018

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I'm A Park Bench

I'm a park bench put here for people's well being.                                                                                                                             I don't sing or dance, talk or walk, but simply wait.                                                                                                               I have been placed near a Christmas tree for many to see.                                                                                           They always decorate and light up the tree and maybe even me.                                                                                    There's beauty all around, but sometimes needy people swing by.                                                                               Like this man, many homeless ones have come to sit and think about                                                                                  their plight or about their many childhood Christmases, and start to cry.                                                                             I sit and wait for them to recline and rest themselves from themselves                                                                   because it's not always what others have done to them.  And I don't quiz                                                           them about their lives and adverse circumstances that may have treated them coldly. Through rain or shine, sleet or snow, whether male or female, adult or teen, I am here for them. To me, they will often come, discouraged and tired, so trusting enough to fall asleep on me.  As they sleep, sometimes in the cold, many will pause and stare but will not give even a care. Still, others will dare to stop and say, "What a shame, but what can I do?", and walk on by.  But                                         there are those who will inquire and lend to them a helping hand, showing a little love.  Anyway, I just wanted to say, "I'm neither Miss Liberty nor Santa Clause; I'm just a Park Bench for you when you need someone to lean on.

11222018PoSoupContest, The Park Bench At Christmas. Sara Kendrick, Picture #1, Man sleeping on a park bench. 1P

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2018

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Age 239

By Curtis Johnson

Please allow me to introduce myself. Many know me presently as well as in years gone by as one who is both kind and strong.  Some of course even dislike me, and view me as an overbearing authoritarian wishing to impose my will upon the world.  Some deem me a hypocrite, because I have demonstrated some inconsistencies through my tenure in this world.  Anyway,  there are times which everyone needs to express themselves and share their own take of themselves.  Beyond that, I guess historians will just have to do the rest.

I was born on July 4, 1776, and I am presently 239 years of age.  I am very young in comparison to many of my kind who are much older than me.  However, few have been blessed to achieve and accomplish as much as I have in these years of growth and triumph. I have grown much larger and there have been major changes for the better.  There have been parts of me that did not want to change. This created such discord that nearly tore me apart.  Through it all, I have survived to become very strong. 

I and others of good will tried to build a world of peace and tranquility after the walls fell in Germany.  For a while, it appeared that we were creating a brave new world until the twin towers fell in New York City.  We now have a new world that is vastly different from the world prior to 2001.

I am still fighting terrorists and perhaps will always be at war with them. I am more than 300 million strong and have a formidable military.  In spite of my power, it feels like I’m getting weaker.  But I’m fighting bravely to hold on to my convictions and live up to my responsibilities.

In the last few decades, it appears that I am being called upon again to change course and become one with the world.  These changes are not only political and social, but they spread a huge tent that radically alters and revolutionizes both culture and religion.  Therein lies a problem, because I was born to be different. 

I was born different with a completely different purpose.  My purpose cannot be fully implemented and realized apart from my continued reliance upon the constitution of the United States and adherence to my biblical worldview, which gave birth to me.   I know that I am not perfect, and I also know that I am a miracle in progress.  My name is the United States of America, and may God always bless and shed His grace upon me. Cj06132015 Contest, Your First Entry to A Soup Contest, White Wolf

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

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When you look at me, you immediately form an opinion.
Your inconsiderate opinion is more often a wrong one.                                
You look down on me as if I were a bum or a stray.
I was born here, and this is where I will always stay.
It's like this: you think that I am timid and defenseless.
You also think that I am both scratchless and toothless.
You roll your eyes at me as if I am clawless and clueless.                                                                                                         
You are certain that I am ready to run at the drop of a hat.
Yes, I sit on a cushy couch against a soft snit-covered pillow.

What you don't know is that I am prepared to protect what's mine,
and I will fight to the death for my portion of this couch which is
the entire sofa.  You may look and stare or even come in real close.                                                              
You may even pretend to be a photographer and take pictures of me;                                                               
but you may not sit or even touch any part of me nor this sofa.                                                               

In case you missed something I just said, let me put it another way.
As you can see, I am clothed in a beautiful black and white fur coating;                                                       
and there isn't a trace of any other colors.  There is nothing 'gray' about me.
I'm 'black and white', as plain as the light of day, and I mean every word I say. So I beg of you to hear me well.  Stay out of my way, and everything between you and me will be okay.

10212017 PoSoupContest, Personification Poem, Tania Kitchin, 1P

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017

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Love Is

Love is being humble and selfless, caring and kind to all
Love hopes and trusts; is protective but not possessive

Love perseveres, going the distance above and beyond
Love is forgiving and keeps on giving without taking

08062018 Poetry Soup Contest,                                                                                                                                     A four line poem on what is love, Faraz Ajmal, 2P
Each line with a maximum of 14 syllables

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2018