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The Sale

           T h e   S a l e

Near the end of a lonely road
A home where an old man did reside
Traffic parked all around the house
Contents "For Sale", -  the sign implied

"He'd lived there as long as he could, -
Ninety four years", I heard someone say
Immediate family, now passed on
At last, now he has moved away

For decades, this had been his home
How sad,  he had to go
Feeble hands, prevented  tasks
And steps were getting slow

Furniture, battered, worn and aged
Old radios, fans, and silverware
Used garden tools, and books galore
Some ordinary, but others rare

So many items, inside and out
In their time, each held their place
Now little more than a cast-a-way 
His new address, had little space

I'm sure within his memory bank
Many younger days he recalled
A telephone, - - the first TV,
Or when a furnace, was installed

Only a few items, now adorn
The place he now abides
A bed, a chair,and one small table
A few special pictures, are his pride

There to live out his final days
Lonely hours, seem to have no end
A highlight that would mean the most,
Is a visit from family, - or a friend  

        Colan L Hiatt  =  09-24-13
          ©  All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Colan Hiatt | Year Posted 2015

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He's Awesome

He created the universe 
Darkness and gloom, He did disperse 
All was utopia, before the curse
             He's awesome ! 

He hangs the stars out every night 
On a sinking boat, He removed fright
In a jail at midnight, He gave light 
            He's awesome ! 

He delivered Daniel from the lion's den
When He met lepers, He cleansed all ten
He promised that He would come again
             He's awesome ! 

He encountered the woman at the well 
Of her sordid past, He did tell
He gave her deliverance from sin's spell
           He's awesome ! 

He can take a broken heart
His cleansing touch can impart 
Strength, - to a new life start 
          He's awesome ! 

Never has He ceased to draw attention
Since the day of His ascension
Oh, - - - and did I mention ?
           He's awesome !
        Colan L Hiatt  =  09-25-16
          ©  All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Colan Hiatt | Year Posted 2016

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A Little Bird

A Little Bird"
      (Refer to= Matthew 10:29,31)

One of the first things that I hear
As dawn breaks in the eastern sky
Is a cheerful song, of a little bird
Another bleak night, it does defy

God instilled in it, the simple fact
That life and hope, still remain
A ray of sunshine, can be seen
Amid our sorrow, and our pain
The night before, the screen displayed
A clenched fist and angry eyes
As turmoil raged within the heart
Of those who voiced their battle cries

Although darkness may rule the heart
Of those who rebel against the light
In the end, victory will be sweet
We'll rejoice, that our choice was right

He who attends the funeral of a sparrow
Will not our needs forsake
When evil would engulf our land
A way of escape, He will make

I have faith that amid our trials
His love, He will always show
He'll guide us when the night is dark
"A little bird told me so"

           Colan L Hiatt  =  06-27-13
          ©  All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Colan Hiatt | Year Posted 2015

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A Servant's Heart

             A Servant's Heart

It was on the road to Jericho
A Samaritan did compassion show
A great example, he did bestow
            "A Servant's Heart"

A cart near full, in the check-out line
"Go ahead, - your items are less than mine"
She said to the elderly lady, just behind
             "A Servant's Heart"

Because of an injury he was going through
He could not mow the lawn, he knew 
A neighbor said:  "this I will do"
             "A Servant's Heart"

The funeral brought her many tears
A different lifestyle, brought many fears
Words of comfort, came from her peers
             "A Servant's Heart"

Of his lofty status, everyone knew
Higher positions, were very few
Yet the down-and-out, he catered to
              "A Servant's Heart"

The medical report, was not good
Her unmasked grief, we understood
Compassion he gave, all that he could
              "A Servant's Heart"

As I trudge on each coming day
It's vital that I always pray
That in word and deed I would display
          "A Servant's Heart"

The most lofty position, I might derive
In no way could it contrive
With - Mark: ten, forty four and five
            "A Servant's Heart"

            Colan L Hiatt  =  03-09-13
          © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Colan Hiatt | Year Posted 2015

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Worth Waiting For

       Worth Waiting For 

The brochure and the TV add
Proclaimed the event to be superb
First time in the area to appear
They're the best you ever heard

Next year's model will arrive
In the next month or two
State-of-art features, it will sport
It's worth the wait, - I promise you

Around every curve, we find many
Seeking a commodity, to exploit
It may be a simple household item
Or a large one from Detroit

All of them are, "worth waiting for"
This, they would have you believe
But permit me to present another fact
I pray in your mind , you will conceive

On the cross, God's Son was crucified
Three days later, - He arose
Then back to Heaven, He ascended
But this promise, He did propose

"I will come again, and receive you,"
Where I am, there you shall be
That's a promise, "worth waiting for"
With this fact, I pray you agree

       Colan L Hiatt  =  04-06-15
         ©  All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Colan Hiatt | Year Posted 2015

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Honor The Veteran

Honor The Veteran   

I saw him walking across the street
A little humped, with a touch of grey
"Veteran," was inscribed on the cap he wore 
Surviving others, - that had passed away  

His steps was not as agile and brisk
As they were a few decades ago
Perhaps his vision not as clear 
But the beam in his eye was still aglow 

For freedom and a way of life
He had stood strong and tall
Unyielding to the enemy  
When it seemed there was no hope at all

A portion of his life was spent
Apart from family and friends 
When the call for duty beckoned him
Serving his country, brought dividends

For the stars and stripes many died
Others maimed and misunderstood 
When they returned to society
Some were rejected, in spite of their good

They deserve our honor and respect 
They deserve to be recognized 
In society they deserve a special spot
Their importance should be emphasised 

When we stand at attention to the flag 
As it waves gently in the breeze 
Let us be thankful for the veterans 
And remember them, when on our knees 

            Colan L Hiatt  =  03-18-18

Copyright © Colan Hiatt | Year Posted 2018

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Cycles Of Life

The refrain of the little birds
Breaks silence of the night
Hours of bleakness is dispelled
As on the horizon, the sun gives light

The vivid green, soon gives way
To a golden yellow leaf
Just another reminder of autumn
To hot summer days, it gives relief

The lonesome sound of the katydid
Ushers autumn to our door
Magnificent colors will appear
Painting beauty from mountain to shore

Cycles, -  appear in so many ways
Various similitudes they enumerate
The brevity of life is brought into view
As on this fact, we meditate

Mankind is but a vapor or a flower
God's Word gives this metaphor
We're here today and gone tomorrow
Death is a stalking predator

The picture is not one of gloom
To those who have heeded His call
A new beginning it affords
Eternity ends the cycle for us all

     Colan L Hiatt  =  08-01-15
       ©  All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Colan Hiatt | Year Posted 2015

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End Of The Storm

For days we were assaulted
By vicious sleet and snow
It brought life to a standstill
Many were in survival mode

Records show, it had been decades
Since such fury we had known
Just more reason to be complacent
And show how careless we had grown

Then one morning, an open curtain
Revealed bright sunlight and calm wind
There, a sigh of relief was instilled
The turbulent storm was near it's end

To me, it's a perfect metaphor
Of our sojourn in life
At times we glide on mountaintops
Then dark valleys bring pain and strife

Often after egressing from a storm
We appreciate the sunlight more
It can help us align priorities
And bring reality to the door

Though life is short, it can be sweet
If we keep the beacon light in view
By His guidance we can emerge
Into a day, - with a brighter hue

My mind is anchored on the fact
Ahead, - is a plateau calm and warm
In Heaven, there'll be eternal bliss
Truly that will be, the "end of the storm"

     Colan L Hiatt  =  01-25-16
       ©  All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Colan Hiatt | Year Posted 2016

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The Flag

Hoisted high above the ground
Floating in the gentle breeze
Colors and symbols depict a message
That some reject, but others please

Be it local or in a foreign land
Violence or peace it can incite
Some may regard it nonchalent
But others defend, with all their might

It's the mouthpiece and sounding board
Of what is in the human heart
Of those who raise it to it's perch
As their position they seek to impart

Yes, - the flag can easily define
How we view, life, liberty and death
Many seek to extol it's virtue
Guarding it, until their final breath  

Isaiah spoke of lifting a banner
It draped over Solomon with love
Should it not be the guiding force
Symbolizing, as a peaceful dove

So, let the Christian hoist it high
In action, word and deed
Always portraying Christ as King
May God grant this to be our creed

         Colan L Hiatt  =  08-03-15
         ©  All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Colan Hiatt | Year Posted 2015

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Slipping Away

They gather there most every morn
The retirees at the coffee shop
To discus events and each others ills
Politics and the new traffic stop

It is a highlight of their day
To greet each other as they dine
And so it's easy to take for granted
They're always there,- rain or shine

But then we notice - Joes not there
On the second day and more
Investigation tells us - he passed on
It's just not the same as before

As we adapt to his departure
Months later we miss Mary's face
Sadly we concede, she is gone
Only her memory - we embrace

Slipping away - - slipping away !
Dear ones that we miss so much
As the blossom of a summer flower
Relinquishes life, to winters touch

But we are reminded in God's Word
Life is but a vapor or a flower
So is the span of our sojourn here
We know not, the day or hour

But there's a promise to each one
Who is anchored, safe in His fold
The future can yield untold rewards
In a Place where, "we never grow old"

So there's consolation we can claim
When a dear one "slips away"
For them - it's just a stepping stone
To usher them from, a house of clay

     Colan L. Hiatt = 01-26-14
        ©  All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Colan Hiatt | Year Posted 2016