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Best Poems Written by Jon Jones

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The Ploughman

“The day is long the day is hot 
Heat radiates the air will this ever stop
Sweat blurs my vision my mouth is dry 
I look for salvation but not a cloud in the sky

I plough from sunrise to sunset but rarely will I rest 
Ploughing the dusty fields so life can grow 
So at summers end may I reap what I sow

Now through the dust a figure appears 
Coming toward me till quite clear
A girl stands before me bare feet in tilled earth
She looks up at me and smiles and then I see 
Ladle and bucket grasps in her hands salvation for me

Dismounting my iron horse I'm now on bended knee
Lifting the ladle I take long sips cold cool water passes my lips   
At last the drought of my body is finally eclipsed

Water in hands I soothe the cracks in my face and burning neck
Then with humble gratitude I give the ladle back

Smiling she turns without a word and heads back whence she came
Disappearing to my astonishment in the unforeseen rain”

Jon J.

Copyright © Jon Jones | Year Posted 2015

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Spring on Lake Michigan

I look upon the water glittering and bright, white caps flashing, dancing diamonds in the light 

The breeze is strong, crisp and clear. Boats abound jibing sails dotted far and near 
A flash of white and screeching cry, seagulls appear racing through the sky
Sun on my face fills me with cheer, for finally spring is here

The coast before me melds into cityscape, buildings spiraling high. Glass and steel glimmer bright in the light, stretching far before my sight

People hurry by hither and thither, and I wonder if any take a pause to consider	
The beauty of this place, this breath in time, spring is here truly a moment divine  

Copyright © Jon Jones | Year Posted 2015

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The Robin In The Tree

“There was a Robin in a tree who spoke to me one day

Where are you going he asked and what will you see

Just a walk in the park I replied, just my dog and me

The Robin asked a beautiful day do you not agree? 

Yes I said, but there are clouds drawing near do you not see?

The Robin tilted his head and looked to the sky

I see the clouds he said, but I think the rain will pass us by

Thank you friend Robin I said with a smile

Would you like to come with us and chat for a while?

No said the Robin, I must be off

But please come by again when next you take a walk

As the Robin flew away my dog looked at me and said

If he ever lands on the ground I will chase him all around

But why said I, he has but to fly

Smiling my dog shook his head and said why ask why?”

Jon J.

Copyright © Jon Jones | Year Posted 2015

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White Sands

White Sands

“We walk along hand in hand

The sun is shining, the water bright

Not a soul around us, no one in sight

Waves slide ashore with rhythmic ease, 

Caressing our toes and warming our souls

White sands before us as far as we can see

The birds above us sing sweet melodies

Walking hand in hand from sunrise to sunset

Our minds at ease our hearts at rest

A beautiful day indeed for you and I

Together reach and kiss the sky”

-Jon Jones

Copyright © Jon Jones | Year Posted 2015

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The Ride In The Sky

“Click clack click clack we go
Onwards and upwards ever so slow
Eyes wide open pulse pounding
Tension mounts fear rising
Click clack click clack up the tracks
Too late now no turning back
Wind swirling through our hair
How much higher do we dare
The crest is approaching the end is near
Staring up at the sky oh how did we get here
Click clack click clack…STOP
Movement ceases there is a pause
Then slowly we ease over and suddenly fall
People screaming hands in the air
The speed is astounding but no one cares
Then several curves suddenly appear
Round we go left-right-left in a flash
Straight into a cork screw then out we dash
Twisting turning climbing looping flying to the top
Upside down now…Then comes THE DROP
Wind rushing past my ears pasting my face
Can’t hear your screams as downward we race
One last twist one last rise then slowly we come to a stop
We exit the car hands shaking knees weak
You grasp my arm and kiss my cheek
Oh that was fun can we do it again you ask
Goodness yes I say I LOVE to go fast
Back in line for one more time”

Jon J

Copyright © Jon Jones | Year Posted 2015

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The Garden

“Walking in the sunshine heads held high
Cool breeze carries billowy clouds high into blue skies
Tall green grass softens our quiet steps
Colorful blossoms fill sight and senses with fragrant delicacies  
The morning mist rises off the glassy blue lake
Tell tail signs of rising fish leave their mark in bubbly wakes
I look upon you and smile your bright eyes smiling back
Hand in hand we walk along in our garden of delight 
Your unbound beauty always in my sight” 

-Jon J

Copyright © Jon Jones | Year Posted 2015

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The Drive

“Cruising the back roads on a summers day
Cool breeze and sunshine guide our way

Driving along without a care
Smiling I watch the wind flow through your hair

The road twist and curves falls and rises
Guiding us through I aim for the horizon

Destination unknown but we care not
Drive on you say let’s not stop

The engine purrs a perfect melody
The rushing wind blending like a symphony

Down the winding roads we drive  
Wandering wayfarers side by side

Gently now you kiss my cheek
Drive on you whisper drive on
Your words oh so sweet”

Copyright © Jon Jones | Year Posted 2015

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"As twilight falls across the glen 

Pinpoints of light rise again

Flashing beacons in the night

More begin to rise a beautiful sight

A symphony of light commences they start to dance

Lifted by silken wings and winds of chance

An ocean of yellow stars twinkling for all to see

Drifting free in perfect harmony

Children's laughter now fills the night

Dashing here and there catching all in sight 

Decanters filled with living lights

Lightening in a jar candles of delight

Finally the spectacle is over and they rise into the night

Release the ones you have children let them continue their flight 

They open their containers and out as one they fly

Into the night like starbursts in the sky

The glen is quiet the lights are gone

Don't worry children I say it won't be long

Rise again they will with their lights of song"

Jon J

Copyright © Jon Jones | Year Posted 2015

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A Lovers Dream

“In my lovers arms I dream a gentle dream
Together we are nothing will come between
Heart to heart and soul to soul
A forever kiss that never gets old
In my lovers arms I drift on a sea of tranquility
Upon her breasts I reside in serenity
I feel her heartbeat a soothing melody
The warmth of our bodies a fusion of synergies
In my lovers arms I surrender to her effortless embrace  
A gentle dream filled with love and grace”

Jon J.

Copyright © Jon Jones | Year Posted 2015

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"With the eyes of a child I stare in awe, a wondrous sight I take in all

 Angels flying without wings, hurling through the air, spinning and twirling without a care

 People moan and gasp as they pass, praying the next move will not be their last

 For daredevils they are one and all, but there is no net in which to catch their fall

 Suddenly, the signal is given - Quiet now Quiet, all eyes aloft, for the final act is here so we draw near 

 With synchronous harmony they let themselves fly, swinging and looping high into the sky

 Spinning like tops they make a final pass, reaching hands grasp hands in this Ariel dance

 Bows are taken and the crowd erupts in raucous roars, we toast to the high flyers - May They Soar Forever More"

 -Jon Jones

Copyright © Jon Jones | Year Posted 2015