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Taking A Stand

Our children are dying
Lying down facing the street
Our own kind has made the task easy for others to complete
From slavery by our own people
To the hand of those who thinks of us as unequal
For they too look at us as a disgrace to the world’s sequel
Beneath all that we’ve been taught
Has a price for our minds to be bought 
Controlled by our daily interest
Watching, listening and thinking has destroyed our hope 
Now we started wishing
Petitioning around the world
Trying to fight for our little boys and little girls
Praying to the Lord what have we done? 
Keeping our hearts filled with faith
Yet the war feels like we haven’t won
Still surrounded by legal murderers with guns
Old and young
Oppressed by what we use to believe in and proud to shout through our lungs
Now our trust has been crushed
Trying to figure out how my skin is nominated in being punished
Expressing to my daughters and sons 
That it’s no time to worry about the hottest outfit or latest Jordan’s
Never listen to the news but pay attention to the rules
Of how they show nothing but the blues of their future
Give them encouragement and ideas
To better themselves than the ones already out here
Remind them to never forget who you are
Always set yourself aside from negativity and never be apart
Knowledge is power s know more than your name
But know your ancestor’s land
When you find out then you’ll be able to take a stand

Copyright © Natasha Horton | Year Posted 2014

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Stress Free

Deep sighs all throughout the day
Lord, I pray that your ears are not paralyzed to what I have to say
As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Keep me from the slayer that tries to slaughter your sheep
Deep and hard my heart pounds

People hear it with no thought
Reminding me daily that it’s my price Lord you had bought
However, annoyance consumes my spirit Lord 
Brace myself from the random things to happen in some sort
Never thought that I would look for the worst
Mind going 100 miles an hour, ready to burst

But I’ve learned
Never give up on the dreams that you yearn
Be stern with your goals
Stand up for what you believe in and always show that you are bold
How can you unfold from not being told the truth
Even I too have to check myself and come out spitting as if I’m in the booth
Just let loose for it’ll set you free
Things in your life is already written to be
Strong endurance to handle what you can

For the Father is not going to put more on you than you can bare

Copyright © Natasha Horton | Year Posted 2015

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Separation rules the nation it seems
Our race decrease the identity that cannot be redeemed

Yes we have amicable lives whom still believe in MLK's dream
The steam from our hatred of deceit and misfortune 
Has brought our brains to be washed in them

I feel like my people don't understand fear
Only the kind that could end your life or when the boys in blue are near

It's very rare for a black community to have unity
Even though their own may bring forth destruction or present a bad opportunity

Blind in a path of darkness, deciding to change but it's too late
Went down the wrong road and took the bait

Putting ourselves in situations we didn't want to create
It's Satan's job to keep you in that place

But God said to repent and He'll forgive and it'll be erased
What's happening to us in this world today?
It's very obvious where some of our people's priorities lay

Are we really that distracted
On the hottest rapper, shoes, money, and fashion
Disaster is right around the corner while your're ignoring the real problem that's about to happen

Reactions are suppose to be in the realm of wisdom
Being in your feelings can sometimes be the end of your feedom

Just listen to what people say and what they do
Why? Trust me, they are watching your every move

You were born to win and not loose
Let's encourage one another and not be abused

By those who taught us the false hood of our heritage
For it goes beyond Harriett Tubman

We are royalty 
Kings and Queens with true loyalty

Now we have become jokers and servants
Stripped for our knowledge to be non-observant

To follow the rules of this land
Limits us by a simple code through the government's hands

Tobacco and liquor stores on every corner
Yet shutdown the programs the kept our kids out of trouble

Double negatives that play in our lives
Despise those who take our future for granted and not recognize that we were structured not to survive 

Open your eyes
For time is not on our side

Never was and never will be
Yet we still have control of what we face and see

Clock is ticking 
No more wishing 

That circumstances will change 
Yes, faith can rearrange all things

Pray about it, trust and witness your abundance 
For we have always been the chosen ones from each end of the compass

Wake up and know who you are
For God has brought us this far to reach the stars

Copyright © Natasha Horton | Year Posted 2015

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Complicated Love- From Kishiea Davis

Love can be complicated

Like a disarranged puzzle that is passed by daily

No one bothers to put the broken pieces together

All alone, waiting for that special touch

To embrace each piece with gentleness and care

When that special mind that longs to complete and discover the beautiful image

That no one has yet to bring to fruition

The smile that can be seen through the eyes which sees all the perfect imperfections

Making the puzzle so unique and dope its own way

Far from any other puzzle

Challenges unraveling this particular artwork

The optimistic mind brought to life

Which makes the appreciation last forever


Complicated, yet worth the wait 

Copyright © Natasha Horton | Year Posted 2015

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Love is you 
Beauty on the inside and the outside too

Love is overriding the mad
Getting over the sad
Yet let go og those who had

For some don't know what to do
But those who do, knows how to pursue

Motivating and captivatingsets up the stage of a positive sense of energy
Everyone seeks to be with you but still want to carry the negativity

Love is the fruits of goodness that we are responsible for everyday
However, it looks elegant and pure when you are placed on display

Put in action
Sweet satisfaction

And wouldn’t trade you for anything
Unconditional on the just and unjust seems insane sometimes but love reaps the    greatness of blessings

Love you never die
Only memories of truth while rest where hearts lie

So love I’m glad to know you and you know my soul
For it is what makes me complete and whole

For you bring conviction when I’m wrong
Also a true friend that has been by my side for this long

Love is there when I go to bed at night
There in the morning dew embracing my face even in the darkest circumstance in sight

Light remains the same
Thru the love it brings

Therefore I’ll stay on this side of the fence
Love makes sense

When you know what love is

Copyright © Natasha Horton | Year Posted 2015

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In My View

Butterflies cover my eyes with beauty beyond my own desires 
Overwhelming lush sweeps through my skin as if I had bathed in aloe or wore an expensive silk attire
The power from the sun rejuvenate my spirit 
Heart filled with joy and mind filled with so much peace that you could hear it
Flowers start dancing every time the wind walks by
To the rhythm and beat along the riverside
My God, what a mighty love you are
Thank you for staying near me and not afar
In the dark, I fear not, for you are with me
You are the true guide and light to thy destiny
For my ways are not yours and that’s what makes you great
You gave the Gift to me for my soul’s sake
As I walk around this cold and rugged world
A light of your face shines out like the word
For you are not hard to find
Protecting me from all that’s unkind
So my life each day becomes new
In my view

Copyright © Natasha Horton | Year Posted 2014

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How I've Made it This Far

As I look in the mirror what do I see
A beautiful face smiling back at me

Her back has been against the wall with
a few options to employ
Enjoyed the pleasures of happiness has in store

Yet mistakes are made
Odd ways make me feel convicted of 
good or bad decisions that day

But, hey who's perfect
However, never let no one kill your purpose

By displaying and guiding through the 
true unbearable imperfects

Lessons taught
When you've been through
it all

Where you've walked the
paths of doing your own thing and just

That's why I pray before I start the day
Lord help me and show me what 
to do or say

I have to make sure nothing 
hinders in any way

Help those who helped you
And bless others in Jesus Name

Even when the devil feels as of his plans are working
But God sees him sliding and lurking

Knowing he has one on deck just for you
While he continues searching

I am certain that someone is used by him daily
Jesus save me for you've died on the Cross
for my sins; loved me anyway when I'm failing

To love and enjoy life came with a price
that you already paid
Yet we forget and become angry about how things 
came to play

Understand the flesh
When fed it grows strong enough to weaken the 
spirit and make you feel worthless

As a gentleman, God looks at me
And what does he see

His daughter bleeding in her soul
and filled with no peace but insanity

Waiting for me to come to the
So caught up in my noisy lifestyle decisions
had made me flee

Now finding my way back home
Is where that smiling face comes from

I've made it and have beat the odds 
Now things has healed and show no pseudo

I'm grateful for the big and
appreciate the small
That's why I'm thankful of 
how I've gotten this far

Copyright © Natasha Horton | Year Posted 2015

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Beautiful Smile

Beautiful smile

I haven't seen you in awhile

Walking into the room   
.    being able to bring sunshine

From every seat to every aisle

Beautiful smile

Please come back to my life

Don't be afraid to make a sacrifice

Beautiful smile

You've been crooked for 
.    quite some time now

Your life is only what
.    you allow

Beautiful smile

I think about the bond that 
.    we had shared, so my question is how

Now, you've been through a lot

But can you please grow up
.    and be what you talk about

The lady like, moralistic woman
.    has disappeared

Beautiful smile

You're not that far from here

However, I know that you're
.    near

Avoid your fears

Wipe your tears

For Favor will reappear


Copyright © Natasha Horton | Year Posted 2015

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Truth what is your value or worth
When sometimes you make me feel good and other times
	You cause me to hurt
Truth you come on time
	And some days not at all
The approach and presentation is so strong
How can you ever fit in the category of wrong
Yet people treat truth as a last resort
Truth why do people look at you strange
As if you’re ugly, derange and insane
But the facts remain
However, easy to obtain 
Even fear brings the storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and heavy rain
That can make your heart and mind filled with pain
Yet whatever we lose, we must gain
For truth can justify, validate and approve what you have endured 
	To stand as you continue to maintain

Copyright © Natasha Horton | Year Posted 2015