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Still Called Mother

My body is a graveyard.
I buried you inside this defective womb.
I am less than a woman.
My flesh a fertile tomb.
Tiny ghost.
I will never hold you.

My baby is crying.
My baby is crying and no one can hear their haunting wail but me.
Night after night.
Hush now.
Momma loves you.
Inviting this emotional decay,
I am damaged.

My heart is in the ground with you, dear one. 
This body betrayed me.
The space between these hips, 
Now an empty cradle.
That gentle heartbeat,

I am always with you.
My soul gently rocks you,
As you sleep.
When the fragile heart stops beating,
Are you still called mother?

Copyright © Nadia Steel | Year Posted 2015

Details | Nadia Steel Poem

Me, Again

I transcend this battle. 
Let these chains fall from my wrists, 
May they disintegrate and gather dust. 
I am no more a slave to that impulse. 
Sighs, this aching soul;
Soon, freedom.

I purge the hunger. 
Clawing the sickness out,
These parasitic thoughts find no host in me.
Voices, in the back of my head; whispering to me in the night.
Demons dance within my belly. 
Yet, this aching soul;
Home to only me.

This darkness I carry, does not control me.
No longer ill and somehow brave;
These eyes drown the past.
I fight to rise above. 
I deactivate these addictions inside. 
Overcome, this aching soul;
Now carries liabilities.

Lost in phantasms, I, prodigal daughter.
Alas, the mire; moral ambiguity.
Crawling my way to the surface,
In remembrance of once unyielding faith.
I breathe again, a sickeningly sweet west wind;
Cloying zephyr.
Patience, aching soul;
I metamorphose. 

Dawn ‘till dusk.
This fragile heart, 
Beats evermore.
Eyes now open.
This quest demands all.
Reaching deep inside my chest,
I salvage hope.
Me, Again.
Heal, aching soul;
We’re found.

I transcend this battle. 
Let these scars ‘round my wrists, 
Chronicle where I have been. 
I am no more a specter in this war of shadows beneath my skin. 
Rest, my aching soul;
Now, freedom.

Copyright © Nadia Steel | Year Posted 2015