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My unfold

I died a long time ago
It was when I realized that I couldn't find my ego
In responding to a million of hovering black crows
Feasting slowly on every hair of my eyebrows
Made me swear never to borrow
Other people's life force, life line or even life show
For I died a long time ago
When I let go
My god, my soul and my gold

I came to life just a minute ago
When I came to realize that heaven and hell resides within my soul
And as for that I need to be bold
I am feasting on all of the million crows
Patching my body back from becoming glory holes
For now I came to life with my final bow
To not let go
My god, my soul and my unfold

Copyright © Rozmanshah Abdullah | Year Posted 2014

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City Prism

Basic foundation of a basic shape
Triangle as the first layer
Of Understanding
Prism as the finest layer 
Of Creation
When in motion it expresses rhythm 
Standing still It immortalizes vision

Of articulating communications
Of evoking interactions
Of realizing the sign & symbol 
Into a vertical infinite motion
Inviting appreciator 
To be part of the forces
To go beyond realization
Vertical dynamics
Motion and movement
The stillness of 
Isomorphic variations

In pursuit of finding correlations between things that may have once seemed separate
where simplicity breeds complexity and when energy epitomizes its own fields of existence
Let the city commences its dialogue
Between steels, greens, and everything in between

Pictorial linearity 
a much welcomed sight 
of such landscape ambience

Copyright © Rozmanshah Abdullah | Year Posted 2016

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All is kosher

Welcome to this ceremonious event 
of me unveiling my thoughts
of me unfolding my brazenness 
of you displaying your wittiness 
of you and me affecting changes
On line, in line, on time beyond time
With million likes

The game is on
The line is on
The status is open
For all of you to presume, assume and resume your own positioning of point of 
Whatever stand, brand and grandstand of opinionated, imposed upon or 
layered views
nicely spread with icings of lies and some sprinkles of truth
Either requited, unrequited, desired or abhorrent
Everything's game
All is kosher

Your event is every second
every minute and every thoughts posted
No less
Minds matter most
Than actual consequences

Copyright © Rozmanshah Abdullah | Year Posted 2014

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Do you still

Do you still have the time
To look out of the window

And see the clouds moving slowly
Passing by as if they were queuing
In a random sporadic set of lines
Passing through 
For the sole purpose
For men to gaze and be amazed
Of the grand parade
Every morning and every day
Bowing and in sync 
Glory be still
To their movement
Like an eternal chanting 
Willingly and beautifully
As if being blessed 
And in full bliss
Upon glorious morning 

And all of these 
Just a window away
Do you still have the time 
Do you still

Copyright © Rozmanshah Abdullah | Year Posted 2014

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I love me

My mind is made of dirty mud dipped deep down inside an ancient tin mine
My perspective is almost always skewed upright, uptight with airy sculpted foresight
My opinion is of no consequence to ants, rats and minions claiming views of the city, the flats and the pavilions
And whatever and whenever I breathe
I breathe you

I am nowhere to be found yet I am neverwhere to begin with
Whenever I'm about to lose myself, I'm bound to found you
My surroundings are my distant playground, shanty dance floors and lonely parks
I am free whenever I choose to chained myself to you
My stomping, my kicking, my violent tendency smothered me to a delicate submissiveness
To you

I am the airplane, the big balloon and everything in between
I am the air, the star and all that is beautiful
I am that recurring dreams you had on countless nights 
I am not you
Yet I am you
Breathe me breathe you I love you

Copyright © Rozmanshah Abdullah | Year Posted 2014

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Holy water

Mitigating sins
leveraging countenance
in search of the morning kingdom
to see the sky to bow to the sun 

as the vortex 
in between these eclipses
breezes briskly passing through the greens
the air is changing
into water 
still flowing
runs deep

Wished that red river
is at peace
by green pulses
permeated through the bleached sunken glares
riding upon the bliss
of the blessings from forgotten harmony
and old memories
to strike a chord 
with this moment

Of this throat 
wet and airy
stuck with the lump 
permanently fixed
with lips
uttering prayer 

Copyright © Rozmanshah Abdullah | Year Posted 2016

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I am just a brain 
Waiting to be cracked at

I am just a body
Waiting to be looked at
To be used, abused and milked 
Like a domestic wild pet

I love the way that you look at me
I am using my body
As I am positioning my brain
Shouting my lung out with silence
For your eyes to hear me 

I'm convulsing inwards 
As my own rib cage trying to break apart
Come on in and save me from myself

Copyright © Rozmanshah Abdullah | Year Posted 2014

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Calm is not a fiction

I get pretty disillusioned with petty illustrations
Expressing lush lifestyle of unattainable wealth tenable to a select few
I get pretty flustered with beautiful posters
Impersonating as the real deal, imposing, intimidating with a candid sly smile

I get pretty bored hearing radio ads that would compulsorily end with forced group laughter
Implying to its audience that they are nothing but foolish herds just thankful and be blessed 
with their so-called auditory elegance presence

I get up and draw my own life with smileys in every signatures and making sure my 
moments be priceless to no one's standard
I get up and look in the mirror, reflects at my own reflection and look deep inside my light 
brown eyes and found the beauty in me, the beauty is me
I get up and sets my own playlist with occasional taped sound of my own voice just to 
make sure that I won't hear my own forced laughter instead I would hear a more calm me

And there and then I realised
Calm is not a fiction...

Copyright © Rozmanshah Abdullah | Year Posted 2014

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Believing beliefs

We are not subservient 
                                                 to our supposed divine dealers
We owe it to ourselves 
                                                 to tread on our chosen alleys
Seeking the light seeing past the multi-coloured neon lights

What status quo
                                                 are you talking about
What revelation
                                                are you going on and on and on about

Faith is never static
                                                never definitive never stuck on regimentation
Reimagination nor reabsolution of make-believe beliefs

Copyright © Rozmanshah Abdullah | Year Posted 2014

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I learn to swallow 
From despicable horrors 
Churned out from fully hollow words 
Not sieved and almost always shallow. 

I learn to swallow revealing, raining hard words 
Displaying raw thoughts
Detested speeches
Scripted stances
Polished ethos and make-believed pathos.

As I swallowed my own spit 
I learnt that the age
The time that we are living in 
Couldn't stand this in-your-face assaults of millions by millions expressions. 

Would I continue to swallow 
When I knew that the bubble is about to burst 
And the vile bile spewed on-screen will remain fixed
Imprinted permanently inside my bones down to the core 
A social crisis is definitely brewing
Ignorance reigning to a greater height 
And Easter Island is reliving its glory all over again 

But this time through virtual monstrosity at a ridiculous immensity

Copyright © Rozmanshah Abdullah | Year Posted 2014