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A Poem About Nothing but Love

A Poem About Nothing but Love By:
Tyner Twine "I edited a few parts from my original poem. As tribute to my first love's requiem. Nevertheless, this simple soul song is the same, Written all for love and not for fame. A poem of love I wrote on hot summer day, remembering the love that has, for so long, faded away." Would someone care to explain Why people write poems in a way That adorns with jewels something so plain That expresses emotions beyond the insane I lift my quill and dwelt on the thought, And realized the reflections I made and forgot... There I lift my pen THEN PAUSED and reflected: How should I begin to write, About lads and gals with love at first sight? Though I have tried as hard as I might, To close my eyes from love's delight, He won me over without a fight, Now all I see is love's pure light. I wondered... Now I shall write: Have I become some kind of fool Who let Love ruin my poems and rules? Who let Nostalgia come and play With distant Beloved's memories on a working day? Have I been foolish every night, To think his arms are holding me tight, To wish that he'll come home to stay, That he'll make love to me every night and day I think these thoughts and was appalled, How | felt too warm and oh, so galled In thinking that these thoughts might stay, and be my ruin at the end of the day. Love, oh love, is a cruel thing for fools if I might say, Though it is delightful it has a price to pay. Fool, fool, fool! With love as her tool... I am. Beguiled and ruined. Oh ~ why can't they just write about trees? Or how honey flows and comes from bees? Why can't they just write about the Sky? See the clouds and the mist and the birds that fly? Why can't they just write about life? How calves are born and how they die? How flowers bloom with the light of the moon, How the sun rose up and set too soon? Oh, a foolish poet's heart of clay, Be molded with the warmth of fate's faint sway! For life changed drastically above, As the fool that I am Writes a poem about nothing but love.

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2013

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Kiss the Rain

Kiss the Rain 

By: Tyner Twine 

'A ballad I wrote based on the Piano Music By: Yiruma'.
Dedicated to the man I used to know

As I take a glimpse
On the endless sea
I felt the oceans
Between you and me

Our fates never crossed
Our love was lost
Through the tides and waves
Of our destiny 

The day you swore to be
Forever with me
Was also the day 
That you've left me be

To be by the side
Of another bride
And I am left with pain
As I kiss the rain

And so tonight,
I’ll cry to sleep
Hoping dearly that someday you 
Will come back to me

But dreams aren't true
I clearly knew, 
That today
I have just lost my most important ‘you.’


((You and I both knew we could never fight it, that we could never evade it, 
that we could change…But I know that amidst the smile you hide your pain…
the pain that I can’t ever share from now on…because I have lost you…
and you have lost me.))

As the waves grew
And we drift apart
Please meet my eyes
To say your goodbye

But you looked away
And left all the pain
Deep in my heart
As I kiss the rain

And so tonight, 
I cried to sleep
And hoped someday that you
Will come back to me

But dreams aren't true
I clearly knew,
That tonight,
There will be no love from ‘me and you’

So love, I’ll say goodbye,
And hide the tears to cry
Your fake smile will haunt me down
Until I die

For we have loved so true
And lost ‘me and you,’
Left with scars and clouds,
And tears from heaven

As I feel the rain,
Wash down all the pain,
Our dreams reached out 
And died in vain

Please stay by my side,
Hold me through the nights,
As we fight in vain,
As we kiss the rain.

Yet why am I alone in the rain?

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2013

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The Stranger who is the Other Me

The Stranger Who is the Other Me
By: Tyner Twine
She looks at the stranger who is  the other me,
And treats her more of the flesh than I’ll never be.
She looks –and loves— the face she only wants to see
Right at the reflection of the girl that was never me.
She looks at that stranger who is the other me,
And sees the child she wanted but believes I could never be. 
She lifts the stranger’s light for all the world to see,
And covered the other with the shadow that was always me.
And here the other’s other me lay await,
For a sign, a change of heart and a change of gait.  

But try as I might I’m resigned to never be free
Of the truth that she loves the stranger more
Than she could ever bring herself to try and love me.
And now the truth so resigned and clear for all the world to see
Is that, indeed, it will always be, for this nurturer, the beloved stranger
That was never me. 

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2014

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For Tonight I'll Cry

By: Tyner Twine

No one knew it was coming,
No one knew that you’ll be leaving
No one knew you were hurting,
No one knew you were dying.

Amongst the bright lights of the festivity,
Yours slowly starts to fade,
It hurts more to know the reality
That nothing can ever be done or said

Memories of my hands holding your tiny body
And memories of when I saved your life
I thought everything will be steady
But now, you’ve left our family.

I feel so shallow
As despair starts to swallow
Guilt starts to follow…
I feel so hallow

I wish there was more time to be with you
Turn back time so I won’t cry like this
Keep you close to me,
At least before you close your eyes.

What’s so hard is I can’t ever deny
Is the fact that I
Wasn’t even by your side
At least to say goodbye.

Outside, the stars shine
The winds sighs,
In your humble grave you lie,
There goes the white butterfly
So for tonight I’ll cry

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2014

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Tyner Twine


Heart of mine, 
Frozen it time,
You'll be fine,
You'll be fine.

Sing your song,
Keep it's rhyme,
Keep its chime,
Believe in your spring time.

Heart of mine, 
Search for your smile,
Look up at the sky,
Hope never dies.

Believe in destiny,
And if by chance it was not meant to be,
Take a deep breath and sigh,
Then slowly let it go and say Good bye.

Oh heart if mine,
Frozen in your Winter Time,
It will be hard and you will cry;
There will be tears, 
and there will be sighs...

But don't let the spark die.
For as long as the sun shines,
As long as there's a blue sky,
Tomorrow will be alright.

You'll be fine,
You'll be fine.
Let go of your worries,
Let go of your endless sighs.

Sing your song and keep its rhyme,
Love will come in the right time.
Embrace your own sunshine,
And wait for the sunrise of your destined Spring Time. 

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2015

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“Addictive” BY: Tyner Twine "Translate and you shall see." Without an ounce of regret and pain we parted ways in this city Love is nothing but the winds behind our backs and the long and winding road before us the little sea of lies turns into a book of promises A melody made of fragile glass Our hearts must have felt The coming of winter Because we faded with The silver lining You faded ‘cause your 'tomorrow' Is covered in gray Stopped in time and crying for yesterday The words that failed to reach me In our lonely dreams Became nothing but a river of tears The cold loneliness That passed us by The days when it was just too hard to bear The light we continued to search for and lose Became The blacks and grays we hold on to The dying 'flowers' Calls out to my conscience Ahh. And you became the truth I now believe in I know the words "I love you" Will not bring you back to me Our “Forever” is no longer here The moments that spreads like This fearful blizzard Disappears like your voice. The last sad words from me to you Was a tearful 'goodbye' In this frozen time (I want to keep dreaming) In this cold and fateful night Your light begins to fade And slowly slip away. The little truths of the white lies we’d hidden In the sleeping of the faith we once had, The impossible caress of wanting to forget you Haunts us in the monochromatic shades Here on to, I say good bye to you And what was once was true This will be the pledge That I’ll keep on breaking time and time again And so, until forever sleeps in reality I’ll see the sadness of this love And if the day ever comes for us to forget All of our tears will turn into blood The kindness which breached loving Turned into gray And trapped us in this time-stopped world And if our sadness brings in the light we had never seen Always remember, The end from which we are standing, …Is the birth of a sad beginning...

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2013

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By Tyner Twine

Someone is knocking on the door in my chest,
As I start to disappear in small white breaths.
A dark curtain falls over my vision,
The light is gone, then comes damnation.
The carefully built dam starts to crack,
Its foundation not as strong as it may seem.
Windows of my soul filled to the brim
Trembling lips with frown so grim
And so it seems I'll lose my glow
Searching for a start I'll never know.
And so I reap the fruits of the seeds I've sowed, 
Along the rough and winding road.
The binds which binds me binds my neck and starts to break
 And the fireplace in my soul starts to die
The pressure tightens and crushes my air supply 
And after the seizures cease, The Last Sigh.

Relief, at last.

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2016

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The Middle Born

The Middle Born
By: Tyner Twine 

Shaking hands, pains unexplained,
I struggle forward without regret
my body and soul betrays me instead
The Shadow casts its veil; I can't be free
And I became a child once again before Thee
Every skip and beat of this heart in pain
And every pang of anxiety
Leaves me in the mercy of the unseen Deity
Leaves me vulnerable, oh so vulnerable
To keep reliving this past as the child, so pure and gullible
Born second of the three, 
Born to be a  wild spirit, born to be free
Heart so freely giving, this dreadful side of me
Desperate to be loved, the blasted blinded innocence 
Betrayed by blood and lover and friends
And I became, at the end, nothing but dead.

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2013

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Isabella's Lullaby

From:  The Promised Neverland  
Composer:  Takahiro Obata  
Vocal:  Sarah Àlainn 
Lyrics by:  Tyner Twine  (Kristine Mariz Ursua)

 a/n:This song from the anime was so beautiful it inspired me to write my own version of lyrics. 
Speak softly child,
The night’s aloft.
Whispering a pray’r,
A long lost tale of love forlorn,
A dream that held innocence
Of youth long gone.

O’er Yonder
Realm of dreams,
Your silver wings.
So close your eyes,
Fly free, 
Promise Land shall be awaiting thee.

And in the skies filled with stars, 
We will all meet again.
Shining down
To those who may forget.
The hymns we sang, 
As we bid our final goodbyes,
In our hopes to all meet in Paradise.

So sleep my child, 
Let this song be your guide through the night,
Chase the shadows that give you a fright.
I’ll see you shining brightly down from the sky.
You shine,
Little Starlight,
Brighter than moonlight.

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2019

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To Live and Believe

 To Live and Believe 
 Tyner Twine 

There's neither the time or place to grieve 
So take my hand and together let us leave.
And in the darkness of the wilderness we shall receive
The lure of our elusive reprieve. 
There's neither the time or place to give and relieve,
Nor is there the time or place to look back and relive.
We only have tomorrow to face so let us choose to leave,
and begin live for tomorrow and just believe.

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2014