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The night is young

In the night when I can not sleep,

when I dream about dreaming

when even God is sleeping

and the devil is out looking

for lost souls.

I think about silly things,

I think about the baker

who just woke up, his

poor wife, leaving a

warm bed for a warm

oven, the small old

security man counting

every minute regretting

ever being born.

The garbage man

desperately thinking

of how to find a woman.

All these poor men

who are not allowed to


I slowly smoke my

cigarette illuminating

the city with every drag.

I dedicate every puff to

all these lost souls.

The night is young

the stars are out dancing

accompanied by the

moon, like an old

wedding orchestra

and their seasoned

company, they know each step,

each rhytm.

And I am alone with my pillow

thinking of all the beautiful women

somewhere, somewhere far away.

In Paris, Buenos Aires, Beijing

New york Addis Ababa and even Beirut.

What are they doing what

are they thinking??'

God is asleep the devil

is out working, my question

is blowing in the wind..

I dream a little dream of them

and hope they dream a little

dream of me.

Because in lala land

everything is possible.

Copyright © Adam Sliwa | Year Posted 2013

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You cannot jump from a burning heart

I put your heart on fire,

like a swiss watchmaker

I make it tick.

Not to slow not to

fast, the combination

to your heart is only

known by me.

The labyrinth of

your unconsuous is

where I operate,

tunnels where wise man

go mad, and mad men

become wise.

Your eyes is my

mirror to your soul.

But dont ask me

to extinguish your

fire, reset your

heartbeat, or

give you the

map to your


Because I cannot

break the mirror

of your soul,

and you cannot jump from

a heart on fire.

Copyright © Adam Sliwa | Year Posted 2013

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Jeux de mots

I play with words like

Children play with Lego

I use different words as

My bricks. With commas

Dots and exclamation

Marks I put them together.

At my convenience I can

Disassemble and reassemble

them ad infinitum.

My words are like the sword of

The Samurai, the baton of

the conductor.

The words are my barrel of dynamite

Instead of breaking bridges, I break hearts.

Like the seasoned diplomat I know

Each word is a matter of life and death.

To put the words at the appropriate place is

the puzzle of the poet.

Instead of colours my Lego parts are

Languages . They are my Legos of clay

I mould them, bastardize, adopt

And change their meaning.

The words have their own souls

And their own meaning. It’s

On paper the words start to

Transcend- to live a life on their


The words like all things have

A soul, some words have to be

Handled with care, they have to be

Put in their context other words

Are like chameleons who change,

Transform, adapt with new circumstances.

Le jeux de mots have to be done carefully,

The words will put themselves in their place

If you give them the rhythm and their space.

But be aware to play with words is to play with fire

Copyright © Adam Sliwa | Year Posted 2013