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Best Poems Written by Adeyela Adeyemi

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A courier of peace; a coupon of hope
Your cost, though, I have been made alien,
Your fruitfulness I heartily grope.
But the lashed back in servitude asks, “WHEN”?
A befitting vestment on servitude
A plague in the metropolis,
Like the Gulliver in Lilliput.
Amass not, thou in bit she seeks.
Though thou enjoyed none methinks,
‘Cos denied is she, much she denies ye.
But let that which we sought be unclink
An ointment on our contuse, we pr’ythee.
And should denial tend your way,
At wrath, me be spared, I pray.

Copyright © Adeyela Adeyemi | Year Posted 2014

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Facing the world like a judge;
A judge in his own case,
And one which ended with a phrase,
‘Guilty’ my lord.

For aeon of its destruction,
Which for long, cost it its beauty,
And its ancestral history said in misery.
Will I ever get an absolution?

Absolution from the air,
And from the breeze the trees give unpaid
But with decapitation, I repaid the Acacia.

Absolution from the beauty I trampled on in recur.
Will I ever be forgiven?
Oh! Please answer me Mother Nature

Copyright © Adeyela Adeyemi | Year Posted 2014

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A name which has suffered ignominy
A sound which has become ignoble
A song which can only be hummed.
Its hotchpotch has gone through hypothesis
And its effective cause of hostilities.
Turned to a hopscotch
Its teaching now in heresy with people's ideas
Its flaws becoming hobby-horse in hogmanay
Higgledy-piggledy it becomes in the city,
'Cos its heyday is gone.
Democrazy it is in the hands of exponents
Like a shy with its helmsmen.
A noble man with no esteem
Principle with no privileges for all
Exciting story with a sad denouement
A deodorant full of irritation
Beauty, but ephemeral.

Copyright © Adeyela Adeyemi | Year Posted 2017

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Dear diary!
One who bears the brunt of my adversity,
And my misery, you condone with affability.
There and back to make an affix,
Of an apparently gifted anomalies.

Night so long and yet so short
Threatening with its dreadful silence thought.
Providence, my heart sought,
From my "seems-unending strait",
Which hath made me desolate.

The day, I wish, ceases to break
Its torment, I could make a clean break.
For obscured I am in obviousness,
And lost I am in no one's guess,
'Cos my lovelessness hath made me less.

My seamy life, I shall lay to rest
For I need own a love nest.
Whence from forlornness, I will be harboured
And to its grace, I'll pledge my flesh and blood
But with my diary, I'll move abode.

Copyright © Adeyela Adeyemi | Year Posted 2017

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lust in love

Wriggled in her arms
Lost in an adventure of romance 
Moving far afield 
Though I have no weakness for writing, 
My story got underway.
Wallowing in the admiralty of her beauty
Adorned with beautiful antique ornament.
Adulterated with the laudable attribute of nature
Epitomizing the 6th day work,
And the adroit molding of the creator.
Ensconced on her chest
For an aeon of time.
Only my hands left to keep the memory of time.
Touching the acme of her chest,
Pointing like that of Sheba
Turning it to a piccolo
Without an acoustic.
Acknowledging the season between her legs,
Warming the cold in my hands.
Letting my hand becoming an ace
And my phalanges adept in describing her.
My eyes falling over itself,
To keep the facsimile of her body,
And my skin falling in with my eyes
As two spent swimmers that do cling together.
Feeling her permed hair,
Blowing like a frond tree beside a river.
Her eyes shining like a cat
Which has never been afeared 
Her skin like flowers that never fade in autumn
And less of acne in winter.
How I wish our spirit is adjoined forever
Like fifes and drum that make a good sound,
Keeping myself in the light of your love
And praying it never fade.
How I wish I wake up in my trance 
Wishing I say all these to your face 
And see it received. 

Copyright © Adeyela Adeyemi | Year Posted 2013

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Through the years you hunted me
Your sword and spear pierced through me
Leaving no mark of wound to show
But in me many flow
From which I couldn't flee.

Flee! Flee!!, I plead myself
Yet still I stood like a deaf
Tis a battle I must fight
Battle! Till the day is bright
Enough of hidings like an elf.

Get thee behind me!
Thence I command thee
Think I've heard enough of you
Least of all my nephew.
You've brought me nothing but misery.

I forbid you till "Yom Kippur"
For all, you've plundered and devoured
But in me, hope sprout
News they now speak about
For in me, you are no more.

Copyright © Adeyela Adeyemi | Year Posted 2017

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Lead Me Not To A Shadowless March

Lead me not to a shadowless march
Whence love and lust seek to merge
Two steps behind, a step afar
Things of the heart we tend to drag.

Lead me not to a shadowless march
A strange road; a slouchy soul
Two to tow with dragging toes
Too far behind a glimpse of hope.

Lead me not to a shadowless march
Crossbite or snare, the road impels
Thither or not, a soul despairs
Stalled beyond, a tale to tell.

Lead me not to a shadowless march
Sweat and blood, I've come this far
The king is tipped, much less to spar
A tale at hand, I'll live to bear.

Copyright © Adeyela Adeyemi | Year Posted 2017

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                      That I could say the day is bright
                                   It is not by might
                         And neither a matter of right
                         Nor the grace of paying tithe,
                      But with love, He holds me tight 
            Like a child in the grip of his mother's thighs
                         Wiping the tears off my eyes

Copyright © Adeyela Adeyemi | Year Posted 2017

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His Word

What trait have I with God
                         If I cannot create my own world?
                                    His, He did by word
                                Mine, i will by His word
                        Says He not, "go yee and multiply"?
                            And this I'll abide and apply.

Copyright © Adeyela Adeyemi | Year Posted 2017

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Friend nor foe
Named from above.
A gift from the yard of elegbara
Olagbegi's kicking hope.
A dashing beauty she's bestowed,
enough to light a father's grope.
Asake's grace in barrenness.
Off and on, she would not mind
'Come, and i will call you mine,
'Mother' till then i'll bear'.
Abiku! Abiku!! Abiku!!!
Touch her not, she might live
One who dines with ebora dudu,
a company when she is set to leave.
Your visit i do not beseech.
Your mercy i only seek.
Ekuru and eko wine to your descent,
gracing the feet of oluwere.
In tears you delight
Merriness you found in sorrow.
Leave and never come back
One who feeds on her mother's back.
Shame, you have cursed till eternity
In flame, yet you are never tamed.
One whose trowel never dries,
From the cries of hopeless eyes.

Copyright © Adeyela Adeyemi | Year Posted 2018