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                                                          I try to find the easiest
                                                             way not to cry,
                                                               but tears falls
                                                        even when i am laughing
                                                             and you cant tell
                                                                that i am hurt
                                                                because i am

Copyright © Bobontle Mopeloa | Year Posted 2013

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love but hate the game

The joy of speaking about love is nothing compared to hate
Your face just light up and lift of the weight
It doesn't matter if the taste is bitter or sweet
But your heart just fills with peace.

Love is like an open thigh of a woman, 
That fulfilling and irresistible taste that
Makes a men’s knees so weak, the
Hands of men when he touches women
She feels comfort and security.

Love is when you find beauty in a beast
And reach for dreams that take you to the darkest
Place and you still find peace; love is when you come together
Connected like streams and its tributaries
Saying nothing at all but walking away like it was the
Best conversation ever.

Love is when you lay naked with your lover and stare
At the city sky liner without having intimacy 
And walking away like it was the best satisfaction ever
Love is nothing like trust and loyalty, it’s an aspiration 
To be faithful without being told so.

Love is not peace, but it’s when you find peace within each other
Love is like a race to prosperity, but waiting for me when I am
Feeling weary and willing to carry me till the end
Love is not success alone, but better if we make it together.

Love is not in how many hours I spend with you, 
But it’s how I make the best out of you 
So that whenever I am with you
I can be myself too.

Copyright © Bobontle Mopeloa | Year Posted 2013