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How About This for Veterans Day

How About This for Veterans Day

A monthly Monday morning military meeting
Would be great for them as way of greeting
Talking about things happening another day
Of past successes and prices they had to pay.

Enlisted Term of Service (ETS) had expired
Veterans honorably left service or retired
And here a home they all have selected
Exist in society again and highly respected.

Should show them what they mean to us
Give them this one day a month to discuss
And talk about old times gone by and past
That in their many minds will last and last.

May have survived or died across an ocean
Have priest do a one day a month devotion
Who is of sound mine, body and good health
Even retired veteran with knowledge a wealth.

A 0700 meeting on 3d Monday of each month 
would be a great way to show how much we 
appreciate them like all. I am preparing this poem
out of respect for those to be recognized on this 
great Veterans Recognition Day. My dad was killed 
in an accident on the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid CNA-11 
now in New York Harbor. This makes me a War 
Orphan and I am also a retired veteran myself.

James Thomas Horn
Retire Veteran and Poet
RiverSea Plantation
Bolivia, NC

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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Had Hoped to Find

Had Hoped to Find

While searching, seemed so hard to tell,
Which would be our most favorite shell; 
Had to constantly, consistently compare,
As they laid on seashore here and there.

Shells were round, oblong and also odd;
Have been prepared by our beloved God,
With bright colors and delicate designs;
Often are spiral or could be curvy lines.

Through shells would separate and strain;
Ocean waves played such a sweet refrain,
Asking why we became such a big creep;
All of God's precious shells trying to keep.

Each day morning does beautifully break;
We will always respect God and His sake;
Shells which we love must be left behind,
For searchers who them had hoped to find.

Jim Horn

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2014

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To Jan Allison About Our True Real Self

Introduction: Our real problem is, "Will we ever be able to learn who our true, 
real self really is?" Being true to and with ourselves is that thing which is the 
most important in the makeup of our whole mental mind as well as balance. 
The suicide death of Robin Williams and a comment about living behind a 
mask made by an Isle of Man beauty have served as the inspiration for writing 
this poem. 

Our True, Real Self

It may change time to time and is in constant flight,
And of the fact, we should never, ever lose sight
That God is true and for us His huge help is here;
Believe in and always know He is close ad near.

Many times God, myself, I so often will ask:
" Why am I wearing and behind a mental mask?"
Trying to hide true self and me that You made,
Who often loved so simply to sit in the shade.

My life is over and done which was much fun;
I am a memory for my fans who won't forget me
And free at last in heaven, a far better place to be;
Where again someday, you can laugh along with me.

James Thomas Horn
173 Shadowood Court SE
Bolivia, NC 28422
Email address: Poem of the Day
for August 16, 2014

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2014

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From Life of a Cat

From Life of Cat

From life of a cat what can we learn?
Never have seen one wearing a sunburn
Our cat we do have that does exist
Seems to think he is a ventriloquist.

Took meow test and great grade he made;
To write poems even tried to persuade
Sweet and low chariot was met by a meow
And what I am about to learn no one knew.

In our house, cat has a humble place to live
Sufficient food and water to him, we will give
But when he wants to eat by himself alone
He likes ice cream served on a crunchy cone.

James Thesarious Hilarious Horn
So where is the cat poem contest at?

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2014

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Dedicated to Uncle Lester Deschler

Looking Back Long Ago

We had been looking back long ago
While time crept by seeming so slow;
Distance between time kept spreading;
May do something they were dreading.

On a broad beach boots hit the sand,
After looking at sight of a lonely land;
On shore was blowing a light breeze;
Exposed enemy on hills and up in trees.

Explosions and bullets sounded so loud;
Later that day heads would be bowed
Thanking God that He let them survive;
Being in one piece and remaining alive.

At Normandy we each dutifully performed
When the troops on shore had all stormed
Only thing which was left that remained
Had been blown to bits or blood-stained.

PVT Lester E. Deschler Died July 12th, 1944
in a tank explosion. He is now buried at
Normandy America Cemetery and Memorial.
Am unsure if he was an uncle or great-uncle
of Ms. Kelley Deschler a Poetry Soup lover.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran 
Make sure that you have signed peace petition at above website.

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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Never Quit

Never Quit

Can you put together and combine each one?
Then when completed and are finally done
Many ideas in your mind caused much traffic
And soon became a poem which was a classic.

Hurdles and obstacles were to avoid and climb
While other subjects truly seemed so sublime
And another poem again would profit by
Even if some people would wonder why.

Have written poems which have numbered many
Are always far better than most and if at all any 
My poems are put into a perfect, pleasant posture
So from all of them your mind surely may prosper.

From very first time my poems were sited
People were delighted and all felt invited
Which into your minds and emotions did fit
Would read again and again and could not quit.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2014

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Nurse for Better Or Worse

Nurse for Better Or Worse

Had married my wife for better or worse.
And she ended up becoming a nurse;
Not only that became an Registered RN;
On general floor is where she did begin.

With others her each ability did share
Became part of Neonatal Intensive Care
When she put on each nursing shoe
Would always end up going to NICU.

Each morning when sun would rise
She was an angel in her disguise
Back in those days a person knows
All white were all of her clothes.

Of course now must start to admit;
Love all her patients could never quit
Each day more in love with her fell
Hearing stories she had to tell

Jim Horn

This is all true with no fake news.

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2017

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Willy the Wasp For Jan Allison

We were replacing burned out outside light 
bulbs at clubhouse. A wasp had built a nest 
in the top of one of them. Two wasps bit my 
thumb and it swelled all up. Here is my poem
related to this incident.

Willy the Wasp

There once was a wasp whose name was Willy
And some people thought he was really silly
Fluttering in between humming bird feeders
Thinking his food was measured by meters.

Had been some things unbeknownst to me
Where would Willy the Wasp possibly be
Some say after he had heard nature calling
Started playing around with all the pollen.

Willy would distribute it here and there
And ended up all over and everywhere
Results of his efforts had made much room
For fragrant flowers who wanted to bloom.

After all of Willy's history we would inspect
He helps keeping control of a certain insect,
And when you like us find yourself frugal
Can find insect name through use of Google.

Jim Horn

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2014

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He Had to Start Crying

He Had to Start Crying

Was terrifying,
So he had to start crying;
People were dying.

The hopes and fears of all the years
Did not create any crocodile tears
Were real as can be each and everyone
What if had been your daughter or son?

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran. Poet and Father

My son was killed in a fishing accident
and my father was killed in an accident
on board Aircraft Carrier Intrepid. I know
what I am talking about and doubt if
some others do on TV discussions.

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2016

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Woman Poets

Super Duper Poetry Soup Woman Poets

Anyone can make a comment when they want to.
Someone should write one about the men now.

Are pretty woman poets living in a palace
With no malice at all so we call her Alice
But then in mail received another invoice
Saying name is Joyce so should rejoice.

Would my heart would skip a beat
Barbara's name was in front of seat
And what if we were to call her Betty
Would her bottom be wet already.

She was short and not too tall at all
Discovered Diane was our beautiful doll
If up a lovely woman we were to scare
Saw Sara who was beyond compare.

And when we did sing do ray me fa
Who was there had been gorgeous Andrea
A great tune could be carried by Carrie
Who with we want to toil and tarry.

Were astounded by each poem we saw
And dumbfound by the ones of Debra
Made us merry singing a Christmas Carol
Must be poems which were written by Harrell.

So precious when she was in her teen
Eileen always created quite a scene
Will love her forever as well as remain
And tattoo on her arm had been Dan.

Barbara beat everyone at spelling bee
Writes wild poems you should see
Always cute and incredible was Carolyn
Glad her great poems with us is sharing.

Was pretty even in skin that is porous
When we discovered the likes of Doris
Such a beauty when she ate spaghetti
Now know why they are Betty and Nette.

To read her poems and be rejuvenated
Julia's for a long time we just waited
Right to point and what word may mean
Was foxy lady with a face of Francine.

We saw and heard Casarah sneezing
Even our allergies found her pleasing
Perfect woman pleasing to every man
Wanted to read poems written by Jan.

Was Wilma really married to Barney
He kissed her under stone of Blarney
There are poems that drive you insane
Poems by Charmaine leave a permanent stain.

For Cynthia still clap our each hand
And her poems are highly in demand
Audrey do adore and she is audacious
Poems are in my mind that is spacious.

Laura loved lovely and also so sweet
Her poems knocked you off your feet
Manda's poems seemed so magnificent
From God in heaven had been sent.

Remember Rhonda's poems that are replete
With great thoughts and ideas very neat
And Shadow who I have saved for last
Until more poems she has amassed.

Poem was so great by Neva Romaine
That it nearly drove me almost insane
And after it had been first sighted
I loved it and was completely delighted.

Only 35 of top 100 poem producers are
women. Wonder why.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran
and Poet, Number 20 of top 100 from

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015