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Modern Priorities

When the internet goes down,
When you have no good shoes to wear,
When the only thing in the cupboard is bread and jam,
My friend, you shouldn’t care

When your friends no longer see you,
When you cannot buy a beer
When you pay your tax return
Things aren’t so bad here

When you see the ASBO adults
When the branch is shutting down
When love becomes a story
Then begin to frown

When the government goes down,
When you have no clothes to wear
When the only choice is food or power
Then my friend I care

Copyright © Rory Clark | Year Posted 2012

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Sweet Devotion

Staring into plastered wall
Looking far beyond the fall
There was a place, beyond the pay
where wonder lit up every day

A place in which fields of hope
led young couples to elope
And in the sky, faint but there
the stars smiled and warmed the air

This place I treasure in my heart
Hide in plain sight till I depart
But with another it is best shared;
I give to you reason to care

This paradise of my creation
Shall forever bond us loving nation
Though mortal coils may fade and rust
Keep faith and love; stay strong and just
Consider what is truly worth
and every time you close your eyes
Until the day of your final rise
Heaven is together, upon this earth

Copyright © Rory Clark | Year Posted 2012

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Roller Coaster Rhetoric

When will the cuts end?

An end to austerity seems further than the rainbow
And its dulling rays affect the nation
Increasing stress, pain and sleep deprivation
But it must be done they say

As if all will be well soon
With millions cast in doom and gloom
The hard working families, the deserving poor
Debt is their burden so tax them more!

But stop!

“The banks are revenue generating
So income tax would be self-flagellating”

“Tell you what, this is what we'll do
Close a library, end free food”
Balance the books, metaphorically speaking,
For at this rate our children wont have a Larkin
and an end will come to laughing

But they know best!

Sacrifices must be made
Allowances must be paid
The highest calibre of candidate
(An illegitimate mandate)

A double dip crisis causing the elite
as much trouble as a unreserved seat
On the roller-coaster of benefit
Brace yourself for another fall!

Copyright © Rory Clark | Year Posted 2012

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Happy Anniversary

Romance to me is like a toy
New and fresh, than I enjoy
But as the months drew into years
Anniversary in arrears
Where did the love that once we shared
go, was it ever truly there?
Soulmate for some might be true
Not for me, old pal, and as for you?
If it helps you to hold that debris
Then who am I to set you free?
But for myself I know full well
From Her wrath, I'd rather chance in hell!

Copyright © Rory Clark | Year Posted 2013

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Unfulfilled Potential

Resting in the dark,
soon to stir and waken
the yearnings of my heart
the walls are left still shaken

Dawn brings new life
and banishes the old
the day may yet bring more strife
May yet leave hope in the cold

Targets for the day
just another morning routine 
Living according to pay
Just today; postponing the dream

The sun says it is noon
and the light does not tell lies
Shining over shadowed room
As peoples hands are tied

The day is over; Night is near
No pressure; time to live the life!
but my eyes grow sleepy here
So tired by the light

Tomorrow is another day
when ambition shall be met
For now alone I lay
So the cycle may reset

Copyright © Rory Clark | Year Posted 2012

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Reality Check

She says I don't love you anymore
He laughs, turns, and shouts
“I already changed the lock on the door
You have been evicted, get out!”

The audience bates their breath
A collective inhale from the smoking mess
The man looks into the camera now
“Join us after the break”
What good ratings this does make

Protect your home, dog, and car!
Come try out the new Jaguar!
Be sure to catch the latest news!
(And listen to their biased views)
But most of all do be certain
to draw close the Digital Curtain!

Bringing you the latest
wars, famine and a rapist
A look at how the market grows
Avoiding talk of public lows
Trusting those who dress in suits
condemning those who march in boots

The BBC and ITV
A war in mediocrity
So watch manufactured laughter
or talent manufactured
But when you realise what your watching,
save the earth, and your brain,
turn off the toxin

Copyright © Rory Clark | Year Posted 2012

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Sirens Call

Imagine, if you will,
A world that lies still
No more fighting, an end to death
Integrity integrated in every breath

Don't speak nonsense, I hear you say
But that is how they decried the day
when enslaved souls became free men
and bigotry fled from the open

And yet like dry blood it rots!
Hatred in the people, locked;
If not belief, or land as a cause,
How then will Money continue her wars?

To be free is to think
to obey is to sink
Those who sit on Oval Desks
ignore those with bullets in their necks
Planning and inventing wars
In the manner of settling scores
but there is no beauty in what I see
The rich stay rich, the poor stay poor
But this is not what the people vote 

And this is why I dare to dream
A world in democracy, not just in name
An end to mankind's greatest shame
That one day the world may wake

Copyright © Rory Clark | Year Posted 2012

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Beacon of Hope

One step in front, and then another
the pilgrim looks around to no avail
Makes a devotion to the Holy Mother
Praying that light may lift the veil

And then in the very distance
So small yet bearing significance
A guiding beacon lights the sky
The traveller sees though glooms dark lie

Like a sail caught downwind
the pilgrim feels safe and strong
Fearing loss and light rescind
he endures, ever pushing on

Ever bright it grows, the sky’s own compass,
Reflecting on a life of good
Whilst sun may rise and journey end
Ever will the star befriend

Copyright © Rory Clark | Year Posted 2012

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New Cycle

As night draws in, silently obsessed
The concept of greatness, to be best is the quest
to which I aspire
through passion on fire
Ascending ever higher

Dream ends, hit plateau
Now I'm sinking low
When will my wings kick in
How long till I will mend
Too many questions I must ask
In supreme knowledge I yearn to bask
Am I a genius?
Nay, I am but flesh
A mind so heinous
A tangled mesh

Above the flames the phoenix will rise
Reset the cycle, relight my eyes
And yet still I will despise
A life spent seeking without reprise

A life too short, without the lies
Couple of bad ones, no alibi
Look closely, for signs of life
And when I move on, no time to cry

A new beginning to add to my

Copyright © Rory Clark | Year Posted 2013